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Merci pour ca, kassz! Je vas essayer de faire un version en couleur avec les couleurs d’emblem courant, comme c’est plus claire c’est la meme madame. I will eventually try to make a version in color using the current emblem colors.

Je ne sais pas si j’aime la plume, I’m not sure whether I like the plume.

Le wing tattoo est tres simple, mais je pense que ca marche bien. The current wing tattoo is very simple, but I think it works well enough.

Anyway, here’s another version, corrected nose, corrected position of tattoo, and as beard suggested, a less wavy banner so the text comes out better (it does indeed – excellent suggestion beard!!):


Dare I say that I think this is it? Or at least pretty close to perfection. Please share your (constructive) nitpickings, now is the time!

If this is ok, then we need to figure out:

  • how to make the logo work on all backgrounds (from superdark to superlight), and
  • whether we want colour or not.

I will make some mockups for this as usual but of course all input is welcome as always.