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    Hello ETCL CREW,
    As you may have already noticed, I didn’t play GTA much lately, only during EVENTS and when someone needs help, I need a short break while I’m into Rainbow 6 now, I will surely play GTA when there are gonna be EVENTS [if I’m available at the right time], of course, when you need help, you’re always welcome to ask for it, when it would be possible to help, I will surely help you guys 🙂 You can always find me on discord, just HIGHLIGHT my name in priv.

    Lt Chevi


    Looks like you had a reason to write down some words with Caps on 😛 CU soon.


    We all need a break now and then, Chev. You’ll be missed and you’re always welcome back!


    Enjoy your Rainbow 6, chev! And perhaps if others in the crew play this game too it might be a way of expanding our horizons (as we did for some time with Payday 2)? Either way, thanks for letting us know, keep well, and always looking forward to see you around in GTA!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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