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    Please complete it if you are interested! We’ll follow the usual plan:

    • Everyone must dress biker style.
    • We will kick off with a biker meet at a yet to be specified location. As usual, please park your vehicles in a nice line, no shooting, no attracting cops, no upsetting the locals, etc.
    • We have a group picture. Make sure to bring your middle finger.
    • We vote on each vehicle and outfit, using approval voting.
    • We have an exclusive photo shoot with just the winner(s).
    • We end the meet with an impromptu race.
    • We finish the evening with a short biker themed playlist. As usual, Roofstone has already been working on a few really awesome jobs! If you want to contribute your own, give me a heads up and I will make sure it is included.

    Of course other suggestions/ideas are very welcome!!

    Finally, I would really appreciate if one or more people would want to help out with producing some quality arts and screenshots for reporting on the event on the blog. This takes up a large amount of time, and it’s not that I mind doing it, but if things are a bit busy then it doesn’t quite go very fast (as experienced with the last event). For example, we could have a group of 5 people each taking 3 quality screenshots from recorded footage with the rockstar editor, say taking about 20 minutes from each person to get them right. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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