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    This is pretty helpful if you want only specific people in your session and avoid that randoms can join at any time. You can lock or open it as many times as you want.
    If you can not understand some parts, I apologize, just ask me for further explanations. My OS is in german, I’m trying my best to translate it.

    Go into the Firewall Settings. If you are on Windows 10, klick on start -> Settings (gear-wheel on the left). On the next window, klick on network and internet -> Ethernet -> Windows Firewall. Now, klick on advanced settings, then on outgoing rules -> new rule.
    Klick on port -> next -> UDP -> Specific remote ports: 6672, 61455, 61456, 61457, 61458 -> next -> block the connection -> next -> next -> give it any name of your choice.

    With a rightklick on the new rule, you can activate or deactivate it. If you activate it, the next time you switch the session or join GTA Online you will end up in a solo session.
    (For some reason, sometimes there 1 other random person in my session. If you really wanted to be alone you could lag out using netlimiter or netbalancer i guess).
    Nobody will be able to join this session. If you want to invite people, just deactivate the rule. You can just activate it after they joined to avoid random players joining.

    I did not invent this method, but I don’t know who the original creator was.

    It is really good for doing CEO / MC jobs with friends / crew members.


    i have been using this for a while, automated it with a litle script.
    don’t worry, they can’t ban you for “having a bad connection”
    you are only blocking internet trafic with other players, not to the rockstar services


    yeah communication with rockstar services are (mostly) done though TCP ports
    your only blocking the UDP ones wich are used for the P2P network that the online sessions use.
    so not connecting with other players mean you play alone


    If you want to automate further you can also use this as a .bat file :
    Remember to run it as administrator, and edit the name of you rule.

    set /p cmd="Enter command; E(nable rule), D(isable rule), Q(uit): "
    if %cmd%==q GOTO :EOF
    if %cmd%==e (
        Netsh AdvFirewall Firewall set rule name="Rockstar" new enable=yes
        echo Rule enabled
    if %cmd%==d (
        Netsh AdvFirewall Firewall set rule name="Rockstar" new enable=no
        echo Rule disabled
    GOTO start

    Thx Meriandar!


    Bump. I have heard that after creating a public solo session, the probability of joining random players is much increased if the number of players in session in bigger than 4 (of course, without firewall method).

    Because of new mod that allows unfair players to set others’ ranks and drain money from their accounts, I feel like this thread should be mentioned. Both lorsch’s and meriandar’s advices are very useful in this case.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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