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    Been working with this idea for a while, and I feel like now is the right time to toss it onto the board, so here is a rough outline for your perusal!

    Allow me to present:

    Car Theft City!

    First Challenge: Procure your vehicle

    Everyone meets in the ghetto on a bicycle, in a thug-ish costume, we’ll go over the rules and rough plan for the evening before I will send everyone on their merry way. They will have roughly twenty minutes to find a car, steal it, pimp it out, and come meet me at the main area for the night.

    This is a two pronged competition, the fastest will get a reward, and we’ll vote on who managed to steal the best car, and they will also get a reward.
    Whoever wins the vote, will get the privilege of dividing up the team as they see fit, though I would have the final word if I find anything unfair, not likely.

    And whoever comes the fastest, will get both and advantage and a extra challenge. They will start with one more point for their team, but they will also be given an extra challenge that may be an advantage or a disadvantage later, it will be revealed when the time comes.

    Main Event: The list

    So! On to the meat and bones of the event, everyone will be given a list, it will be the same list for everyone, and on this list will be a set of cars. Every team will have an hour to procure for me this list! Or as many as you can get a hold off!

    When you are out in the city, there are very few rules, you can kill each other, sabotage each other, and you can steal each others vehicles, the sky is the limit!

    There will be certain challenges and extra competitions that pop up during the hour, the list of which I am still working on, suggestions are welcome.

    Some rules:

    No personal vehicles.
    No Pegasus.
    Do not attack each other in the safe zone.
    Do not destroy vehicles in the safe zone.
    Do not bring the cops to the safe zone.


    Been working on this idea to perhaps diversify the crew events away from being just about the playlists. So here is hoping that this event sounds appealing to people!
    Any feedback or suggestions is very welcome!


    I love the idea
    few questions, i may have a lot later.
    Will you update the list depending of cars we can find in the current session ?
    Can we be a CEO and take advantage of CEO perks ?


    No I will focus the list on vehicles I know you we can get a hold off, parked vehicles that are guaranteed to spawn, zone vehicles like “junker” “Army Vehicle”, stuff like that.

    I’d like to keep everyone at an equal footing, so no CEO stuff. Though using the ingame abilities like Lamar mugger or mercenaries and the like is fine.


    f*ckin amazing! *clap clap*
    im in ^^
    maybe give a score to the vehicles depending how damaged they arrive?


    It’ll probably be operating on a 1 point per vehicle basis so as to not make it too complicated, but I might make some special deliveries with different values depending on different factors.


    Awesome idea, roof!! For “fastest”, I can see a lot of fun in everyone starting at some remote location with the task to steal any vehicle and to return it as quickly as possible, simply as a single challenge. In either case, the judge has to blow up the winner’s car to test that it’s not a personal vehicle. 🙂


    We’re on for Sunday, that’s tomorrow!! Will announce on blog this afternoon.


    Thanks Roof for the organization of the event.
    Sorry about last night, I was not in great shape, that’s why I did not stay very late.

    My 2 cents about yesterday night :

    In my opinion, the list was a bit long, and some vehicles never appeared and this made us lose a lot of time (bus for example). I do not remember if the time to perform the mission was announced from the start ?

    For the part where we are in different teams, maybe it would have been better to separate the players in different Discord sub-channel.

    Finally, I did not think at the time, but we should have associate Kassz to a team with one other french player, to explain him what to do.

    Anyway it was a really cool idea, and I still had a very good time.


    The list was long on purpose, I didn’t want anyone to finish, since then the event would be over. But the other points I agree with. The RNG can be a cruel mistress. 🙁


    I totally get roof’s point that the list has to be long enough and has to be basically unfinishable in the allotted time. Of course we could have a shorter list in a shorter time for a more intense experience.

    Changing discord channels is a pain for those not with multiple monitors. For example, I often crash when ALT-tabbing and simultaneously recording. Ideally we’d want a private channel per team and a public channel for everyone at the same time. Hard to do. So just public is not perfect but I think it worked well enough even though it led to some “unintended collaboration” between teams.

    As far as I know busses don’t spawn in freemode although they occur very frequently during some (or all?) heists. I’m happy to believe you roof that you’ve seen them but that they are simply extremely rare. I’ve only now starting to take notice of the lack of busses in freemode… 😀

    We should definitely do this again, it’s a great format for an event. Well done again on masterminding this, roof!


    Thanks! And yeah as I’ve mentioned once or twice I have done the whole list, if you drive around enough during the day time you will see a bus.. Usually.


    public chat : I had to send private messages to my team and that was so 90’s.It was a mess to organise and know what your team was actually doing and what they achieved.
    Mattie u have to alt tab even if u have multi screen, also an admin can move people to other channel for you. We could have GTA as the public chat and discord as the private ones, downside no tts for roof to the whole channels (I should check maybe it is possible).also Private channel is possible if u allow CEO. You can allow CEO and forbid Buzzards, downside team of 4.

    The list was ok imo, maybe after the 3rd time we do the list it will be a bit too easy.

    I really enjoyed the event and 1 hour was too short, i wish we could one time have that kind of event on a Sunday/Saturday afternoon.

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