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    I know most of you are well aware of how to conduct themselves in the crew, however lately we’ve had some reports, so could I remind everyone of our crew rules, especially rule number 1: “Be polite and nice to everyone, including non-members.” – specifically, please don’t kill other crew members (or other players) in free roam needlessly. If someone has a bounty, yes you can ask and shoot with permission. Otherwise, unless it’s a deathmatch setting with proper rules, please try to behave and don’t harass folks by shooting at them for no cause. If you can’t control the urge, just play a few rounds of kassz’s boxing match. 🙂

    In case you feel that someone is intentionally and needlessly killing you (accidents do happen too of course!!), please do take it up with that person in the first instance; chances are that they may not fully realize the consequences of what they were doing.


    Yeah it is important to know the difference between fun and just outright harassing. I’ve been known to not know the limit on several occasions. We all make mistakes, it is easy to lose yourself in the heat of the moment. So it is important to stop and think on occasion, “Is this fun for the others too?”

    Though the explosions won’t stop. They’re crew tradition at this point. Park your vehicles at a safe distance from the ex comissioner.


    I hope you have enough money to pay insurance for any destroyed vechicle, then 😛

    I have to agree with mattie. Sometimes it’s much better to play some deathmatches or LTS’s to chillout and unload excessive aggression. I hate players, who are in public session doing nothing but right mess and kill/destroy everything for no reason. Usually, they are kids who are mistaking singleplayer with multiplayer, and there are no NPC’s but other players as well. Apparently, passive mode was Rockstar’s greatest invention since 2002 and GTA Vice City.

    I have admit, when I’m getting killed by random player for no cause, I’m losing my temper. Human feeling is, you want to get your revenge and do the same thing. Of course, it is better to ask to that person to explain such behavior and then take up some actions. Worse situation is, while selling some stuff (cars, special cargo, stuff from bikers business), interruption from other players (like destroying 4 trucks delivering 2,200,000$ from big warehouse) is IMHO manifestation of their anger and spite.

    This is why I spend about 95% of gameplay passive. I see no point in killing each other for ANY reason in freemode. Let’s just make GTAO world peaceful, so everyone can enjoy the game. Amen.


    Amen to that Mathilya. I am already selling tons of illicit drugs and laundered goods and money. I don’t need violence ontop of everything else.

    I miss the friendly fire off lobbies from gta IV. Where we could all focus on messing with the world, not with each other. Much more fun and enjoyable.


    I agree with the policy not to kill people who are in a mission as this can be very annoying. Since killing in general has really no consequences in freemode though, I think we should not forget that this is still a game. It’s all about fun. Sure we could all just do missions, but that would get repetitive quite quickly. I generally agree about messing with the world and not each other, but sometimes combining both can be a lot of fun. Also think about the amazing fragvideos that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Of course, if somebody is not entertained by those things, they should communicate that, or even better, use passive mode, as mathilya mentioned.
    Concerning bounties, if I have one, I usually ask someone to kill me so I can use passive mode afterwards, except if I really plan on surviving it. Being chased can also be a thrill. I have no problem asking players I or the people I play with if it is okay to get the bounty. Though I usually dont find a bounty that important, its rather about the chase than the money in my opinion. BTW, you can also be a polite bounty hunter: “Thank you for the Bounty” never hurts 🙂
    To avoid bounties: If you steal an NPC car, kill the driver in the car. Also, don’t steal cars from the side of the road.

    I hope we can find a middleground on this topic. I personally did not realise that this was an issue, so thank you for pointing that out.


    Thanks guys for chiming in here with your views, I think we’re pretty converged on this. Thanks for the tip on avoiding bounties due to stealing cars, lorsch!


    @Lorsch man i will just tell you a last time, I don’t want to be killed in freeroam or crew meeting by my own crew members especially when i’m helping you with your business and there is no way i should go in passive mode to avoid being killed by my own crew mate.
    When i’m with crew members i drop my guard, because that is the point of being with crew members.

    Are you able to understand that ?

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