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    … as per mathilya’s doodle for the Chinese new year party, we agreed that we can simply fix the event for next Friday which seemed to work for most people. Mathilya suggested a karaoke (!) which could be really fun. Alternatively, @Raijin suggested a fisherman meet with tugs a while ago. Could be great fun too!



    Correction: YOU suggested karaoke event once upon a time, boss 😛 I just mentioned your idea. We can dress like singers and gather up at that theatre in Vinewood. However, I don’t imagine how are we supposed to sing, especially a capella. You probably don’t want to hear my vocal skills.

    My event idea was used last on previous-to-previous event so I feel like we should let Raijin feel that we appreciate his ideas too. There are 2 more ideas on “scheduling” topic I wrote quite a while ago, Valentine Day event is obligatory, so we don’t need to worry about lack of nice ideas for crew events 😉


    I vote for fisherman.


    I do not know what should happen with karaoke. So then we take Raijins idea


    How about a construction worker event? Dress up as a worker and meet at the construction building with your favourite utility vehicle.


    Did I suggest karaoke?? 😀 Yeah, let’s go with fisherman, then construction, and then valentine (we can swap the last two if the timing is better that way).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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