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    What’s better than watching a movie? Playing in one!! Please complete the doodle if you want to release that actor which is hiding in yourself:

    This will be non-standard event. There will be no playlist or votes or anything. Instead, we will shoot some scenes for a crew movie that @_Kassz_ wants to make. So be prepared to do the same scenes multiple times, and make sure to join discord for optimal communication. The scenes we will shoot are (thanks to kassz for putting together the ideas and to gloozy for translating):

    1. Ending scene. We all dress classy, featuring the crew color and crew emblem in subtle (or less subtle) ways. All crew members advance together, with a big explosion or fire in the background. Location for this still to be determined.
    2. Opening scene. Kassz will fly in over the city to arrive at Los Santos International Airport, with the team waiting in front of their vehicles. We then leave each with our vehicle in order.
    3. Car race. We do a race, not to win, just to make beautiful shots. We stay close enough and avoiding contact so that everyone can be on the video, with fine overtakes and so on. Job to be determined.
    4. Bike race. Same as the car race, but with bikes. Job to be determined.
    5. Boxing. A staged boxing ring fight, with dodging and pretty blows.
    6. Deathmatch. Basically a staged shootout. Job to be determined.
    7. Heists. A scene or two from heists to inform the future arrivals that we can help them with elite/criminal mastermind challenges. (I guess that we’ll probably not do that on the night, also it only needs 4 people.)

    Obviously we may also do other scenes, but those are probably already more than enough to fit into a single evening.


    Nice script.

    A.D. 1:
    My ideas for ending scene location: non-original (a cliff on which Franklin, Michael and Trevor separate after ending C), others (Stab City, Kortz Center, wineyard in Great Chapparal)

    A.D. 2:
    Vechicles – shall we have crew color and crew emblem on our vechicles too?

    A.D. 3, 4: My ideas for races: Route 68, On GOH, Loss Leader, Jeff’s race, Project Z Grand Prix. I suggested them as these tracks are wide and we will be able to overtake each other with ease.

    A.D. 6: My idea for deathmatch: Glue-zy’s Sticky Deathmatch only 😛

    A.D. 7: Fleeca takes about 30 minutes to complete, others about 1h – 1h30, depending on skills/hurry. We can play some heists with each other and record some gameplay but I guess we will need our director anyways.

    PS: As this is going to be non-standard event, consider starting it a bit earlier (maybe 30 minutes or so), to make sure we can shoot as many scenes as possible.


    1 would be better to end up in the car park of the casino or the observatory has vinewood hills?
    2, I think the emblem of the crew on the vehicle will suffice!?! After each done as he wants
    3.Racing by car it and preferable to do it on the highway just a not too long route I will create one for the occasion, which leaves the casino precisely!
    For that which is of the road 68 one could make one with the bikes in mode bikeur with our held black!
    4. for the deathmatch I do not know very hard to have everyone in the field of the camera
    5.for the bike race do this in the mountain roads in improviser race mode or if anyone can create one but just a course and will have to anticipate little outfit houuuu!
    On the races as well as the robbery there will be that certain scene to keep and not all the race or all the robbery otherwise the video will be too long

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    You are the director 😉


    Sounds great, kassz & mathilya! Kassz, it will be your show, so please direct as you see fit! Also I can record and send you my clips if it would help. And yes I know, for every 60 minutes you shoot, you keep at most 1 minute of actual footage in the final result. 🙂

    Cela semble génial, kassz & mathilya! Kassz, ce sera votre spectacle, alors s’il vous plaît diriger comme bon vous semble! Aussi je peux enregistrer et vous envoyer mes clips si cela pourrait aider. Et oui je sais, pour chaque 60 minutes que vous enregistrez, habituellement vous gardez au plus 1 minute d’enregistrement réel dans le résultat final. 🙂


    Very good idea Matthieas for your clicks with pleasure
    Is there music that you would like to hear in the end result? Go if not hesitate to give me your opinions


    This is not easy decision – as you are the director, tell us what kind of music would you like to have in your video. I can suggest something classical like e.g. W.A.Mozart – Piano Sonata KV 545 but also, something heavier e.g. Skindred – Nobody 😛 Just tell us what music style would you prefer and we will surely find something suitable.

    And here goes Google translation:

    Ce n’est pas une décision facile – comme vous êtes le réalisateur, dites-nous quel genre de musique aimeriez avoir dans votre vidéo. Je peux suggérer quelque chose de classique comme par ex. W.A.Mozart – Sonate pour piano KV 545 mais également, quelque chose de plus lourd, par ex. Skindred – Nobody 😛 Il suffit de nous dire quel style de musique préféreriez-vous et nous trouverons sûrement quelque chose de convenable.


    It will always be necessary for me to have some second of each, with the vehicle, or the weapon that he controls the best

    example: Gloozy with the buzzard, Lorsch525 with his Idra, has you to choose, to make a start or an end of intro I do not know yet


    It will require a music for each race a good speed for car racing,
    One for the bikers modes, one for the bike
    And especially one for the final with everyone and the explosion,
    Notify me of the tracks of each song I listen to them
    Very good both titles merci mathilya 😉


    What do you think of this song for our bikers outing?


    ps; It will be necessary to provide a biker outfit, a chic, a little outfit for cycling


    Oui monsieur. My ideas.

    For intro:
    Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness; or something more vivid: Squeeze – Tempted, Merry Clayton – Yes

    For races:
    The Doors (ft. Snoop Dogg) – Riders on the Storm, Vengaboys – Vengabeat, Morphadron – The UK Sound

    For final scene:
    Rhapsody of Fire – Tempesta di Fuoco, Johannes Strauss Sr – Radetzky March, Bucks Fizz – Land of Make Believe (last refrain)

    These are my fauvorite songs/classical pieces so this is very subjective. However, hope I helped you 😉


    Well, I don’t want to sound very negative but you can get banned from youtube for using copyrighted music. A safe choice (in the sense that I never had any trouble with it and their policy is also very clear) is to use music from ccmixter: Lot’s of really great stuff there. There’s also the youtube audio library but the quality is not always that great:


    True dat. I was about to write about copyright infringments it in my previous post but for unknown reasons, I deleted it 😛 Still, as I said above, these were only my ideas I picked from my own experience. I’m sure we can find something interesting in any of libraries you mentioned before (not necessary similar to copyrighted ones). Actually, I went through YT audio library and I must admit, I couldn’t find anything interesting in it. IMHO, I feel like we will pick the music after we record that video – in order to match scenes climate.


    We’re set for Friday (tomorrow)!

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