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    Please complete if you wanna join:

    This theme is a combination of a suggestion by geg and by nop. Bring your old fashioned grand-dad’s clothes. The plan is not only to bring our matured farts and put them on the barbecue. Perhaps some slower paced fun? Suggestions for activities welcome.

    For the coming weeks, we’ll first celebrate Chinese new year, then something else (still to be decided), then it’s time for Valentine!


    Looks like Monday/Tuesday is that day…

    We do a lot of team games in playlists – what about team GTA race? It works like this: players are divided to pairs, they both sit in same vechicle. If one person die, the second takes the wheel, while the wasted one spawns at last checkpoint with new car. As far as I remember, all team members must finish, in order to complete the race.

    However, I still need to test it out – I played it only once in my career in GTAO, a long time ago but I remember it was nice fun. I am aware that most crew members dislike GTA races at all, so this is only my suggestion for game in playlist. We can try Kassz’s race with Insurgents – will be much harder to kill anyone.


    I’ll wait one more day before fixing to see if Monday or Tuesday is best in case someone else still completes it. You mean a GTA rally? We did one of those a very very long time ago, it’s a strange and unusual mode but fun!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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