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    Please complete if you want to join!!

    We’ll assemble at the airport to show off our stunt cars, do some synchronized stunting in freemode, maybe also we could do a glitch that throws our cars into the air. I don’t know of any but I know they exist – if someone wants to investigate this then that would be great. We’ll then do some stunting themed jobs (certainly races, although captures, parachuting etc. can also fit in this theme).

    Thanks to toyota for the theme suggestion!


    We’re on for Sunday – thanks everyone for completing the doodle swiftly!


    I want contact racing to be on for this event so I can do some pit manouvers and push people off the road.

    I aim to be the last to finish in every race or DNF like Mike did 😀


    OK, on the opposite site then, I will say, I want all races to be non-contact so everyone would have same chance of winning 😛 I feel like we should have one GTA race, especially for MadRed.

    Trust me, it is not hard to be the last to finish 😛


    On stunt races, I don’t mind non-contact. As soon as the track gets more technical though, i like standard racing. Feels just more interesting in my opinion if you have to adjust your speed not only for a corner but also for not crashing into each other. If the lag gets too heavy, it should always be non contact though.


    I have some ideas on how our playlist might look. I will put together a playlist and we could test it together. If you have a suggestion for the playlist, you can send me gladly.


    Thanks to @toyota9999 and @grzyb2 for setting up some playlists – let’s pick the best of both for the playlist!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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