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    NOTICE: As of May 31 2018, please refer to the DOOMSDAY CRIMINAL MASTERMIND GUIDE!




    As an addition to this legendary thread, here are some tips for Doomsday CMM:

    General Info
    There are three levels of Doomsday CMM for doing it with four, three and two players respectively.
    There’s a steam/social club achievement for doing all three dooomsday CMMs.
    For any Doomsday CMM you have to do the preps, setups and finales of all three acts in order with the same team. You can first do all the preps of an act, then the setups and finale (with the exception of the last prep in act III that only unlocks right before the last setup).
    Nobody must die in any of the setups or finales. You can die in preps and you can fail (for other reasons than player death) and restart any prep, setup and finale.
    You can trip skip. The CEO and all associates can snack up for free at the facility. The CEO can accept Lester’s invite to travel back to the facility after each setup and invite the associates to the facility.
    Payout is not great when compared to the original CMM. Oddly, payout for the four player CMM is best (around four mio each) and for the two player CMM it’s worst.

    Tips for specific missions

    ACT I

    Ambulance prep:
    You can call 911 to deliver the ambulance to you and save time.

    Dead courier setup:
    The recovery team can use a Kuruma to easily kill the enemies around the Savage. Then they should clear most of the police outside the Coroner Office using the Savage and land right to the west of the entrance stairway (inside the fenced area) for a quick escape with the paramedics team.

    Server farm setup:
    After killing the guards outside and before entering the server farm, lay proxy mines where NOOSE will spawn when you come out (all over the parking lot basically). The mines will remain there. Be careful not to mine your escape route (along the / close to the building), though.
    Once inside, stay stealth as long as possible. Kill all guards in the server farm with silenced weapons. Then hack server A and B. Hacking a third server will spawn noose. Hack server C und D at the same time, stay together and hug a wall when going back to the elevator.

    ACT II

    Avenger setup:
    Use MKII-Sniper with thermal scope and normal ammo.
    Split up in two teams (left and right) and immediately go for cover. Take it slow. Clear ground level first before triggering the second spawn wave on the upper level. Also scan the office boxes with thermal scope and RPG enemies there from below if they don’t come out.

    Rescue ULP setup:
    Consider having all players enter the foundry, especially if you are only a team of two. Have at least one player guard the entrance in this case. Bring a Kuruma for the escape.

    Salvage hard drives setup:
    The driver can’t shoot. He should provide cover with the van, especially while the salvage team salvages. Stop 2 can be done by driving by Trevor’s warehouse and entering from that side. Stop 3 can be done by entering through the small alley in the south-west corner. Driver should watch out for the snipers on the buildings on the west side. The water cannon cannot reach those. At stop 4, it’s best to extinguish all fires before starting to salvage. This will make the timer disappear.


    Rescue Agent 14 setup:
    Proxy mines for the first 3+2+2 juggs. Watch out for the buzzard outside. You can snipe or minigun the last 2+2 juggs. doozledoo34 has told me that bringing vigilantes helps.

    Escort ULP setup:
    Maybe bring a kuruma for the first part. You can leave the Chernobog at the drop-off and escort ULP using an Insurgent Custom or a Barrage. MGs work better against the helis than miniguns. Dont block the driver windows with too much armor; driver should be able to at least shoot with the AP pistol. You can also steal Lazers in Ft. Zancudo, but this is probably too risky for a CMM run.

    Barrage setup:
    Consider taking the route directly north of the observatory (hiking trail and then down to the stunt jump). Keep the enemy at a distance at the airfield. You are equipped with explosive sniper ammo in this setup, this helps a lot there.

    Khanjali setup:
    Watch out for the many enemies that spawn in several waves in the junkyard. Bring a Kuruma. [EDIT]and enter the Khanjali all together. You can drive via sandy shores airfield. Two rhinos will spawn there, but you will meet fewer enemies and have fewer crashes. If only one player enters the Khanjali, no helis and no Rhinos will spawn. The other players should stay in the Kuruma and only enter the Khanjhali at the drop-off point.[/EDIT][EDIT2] I’ve recently encountered Avon Clones with RPG. They spawned at roadblocks, consisting of two insurgents. This might be a change to this setup, I don’t remember seeing those on my CMM runs. Needs more testing, but getting all players in the Khanjali might be the safer strategy again, as RPG can blow up a Kuruma.[/EDIT2]

    The heist leader should be CEO and he should do the hacking. The health of the other players will regenerate while they are protecting the hacker. Mind the explosive crate in the very last corridor before the jetpacks.

    Thanks to doozledoo34, _Rakun_, valkyer and Vazkulator for doing the doomsday CMMs with me.

    Also: Did it – AMA 🙂


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    That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing all these tips! And congrats on getting the mastermind!!


    Thank you mattie! 🙂



    Congratulations on completing the challenges, @threepwood. And for sharing your knowledge here. However, I would like to know more details. So, I have some questions, connected with suggestions:

    Can you bypass preps by buying equipment?

    Server Farm – wait, what about the part outside? It’s obviously harder than the one inside facility. I guess minigun + taking cover. When there are less than 5 enemies on parking lot, shall the team just rush to ladder with interaction menu and snacks ready to use?

    Signal – let’s stay in front, or on side of hacked trucks/boats – easier not to get shot from hostile passengers

    Avenger – all agreed, let everyone know when going on upper level – if someone stays on ground when 2nd wave is triggered, the chances of surviving those, who still stay on the floor are really small

    Rescue ULP – nice, what about Duke o’Death? There are some Buzzards spawning which shoot missiles and Kuruma won’t stand a chance against them

    Rescue Agent 14 – again, what about Duke o’Death? Only because of that Buzzard spawning at some point. And, on the 3rd juggernaut wave, what about one person staying on the roof of the builiding to shoot juggernauts. I have to test that Vigilante method – seems interesting.

    Doomsday scenario final – Any suggestions for the person who is NOT hacking when doing CMM with just 2 players? Does that person have to cover all sides or just stay in one safe place and look out for himself/herself?

    Hope these questions can specify details, that not only me, but more crew members are asking about 😉

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    Good questions mathilya!

    Prep equipment
    I didn’t try to buy that.

    Server farm outside
    I’m not sure the outside part is the hardest, once you know the spawns. Getting back to the elevator in the farm seems a bit harder to me. Anyway, I found myself using RPG quite a lot outside, to blow up the police cars and the helis. Special Carbine MK II for the survivors. Maybe reduce them to two or three instead of five before climbing back up, but cop cars will respawn anyway. Also note that you can quicksnack while going up the ladder (like in cover).

    Agreed! Good tip. Especially true for the trucks.

    Rescue ULP
    On the four player run we had a vigilante and a weaponized Tampa outside. We did not use a duke, but that might certainly be worth a try. We ended up using a Kuruma for escape and managed to outrun the buzzards on the way back. I think we used an insurgent custom as escape vehicle once, which was also a good choice. On the four or three player run (not sure anymore) one player stayed on the water tower while we escaped. The setup is passed, once ULP reaches the final checkpoint.

    Rescue 14
    We didn’t test the Duke here either. We never had anybody on the roof. The 3rd jugger wave can be flanked and miniguned from inside the second warehouse fairly easily. Doozledoo34 knows more about the vigi method. I think you use at least one vigi to quickly drive all the way to the west, behind the last jugger spawn, and snipe from there.

    Act III final
    I was always hosting so I was always hacking. I can’t tell you exactly what my bodyguard did. He stayed close to me in any case and did not hide in one of the rooms or something (which would be dangerous for me, when I’m vulnerable / coming out of the hacking mode).



    Nice, @threepwood. I tested your method in rescue ULP. Personally, I find it inconvenient, as when getting outside, there are many enemies around and I was struggling to get inside insurgent alive… Maybe I rushed without reason. Once I played it with random (just 2 of us), I parked my DoD inside entrance alley, so all enemies were spawning either in front or behind me. I find is useful, as my gunner skills are pretty terrible 😛

    I also tested minigun efficiency compared to MG. I find minigun more useful at short range combat – but I agree that MG works better for longer range. And one last thing about rescue 14 – my tactic for last wave of juggernauts is that I simply climb up the builiding on their west and drill them from the roof. It is not very safe – everytime I start shooting, they fire back, but I can just make 3 steps back and hide behind sloped roof.

    Fun fact – I tried to run over these juggernauts with my DoD (with thermal scope on, OFC). I did it, but I think it didn’t cause any damage – I saw them flying but car didn’t slow down, like they were not solid.


    Yes, getting into the escape vehicle in Rescue ULP can be tricky when all players are inside the foundry. You have to park the escape vehicle close by the door and make good use of cover in that area (e.g. the concrete blocks).

    Me and doozle have recently experimented with that building all to the west in Rescue 14. You can reach it without triggering any spawn waves if you swim out far enough from the first building where you meet Agent 14. However, I’ve yet to find out how to make real good use of this. You can certainly also drive all the way to the west (Duke or Vigi) and snipe the last juggers from a distance. My preferred method is to minigun them from close range from the building corner just to the south-east of where they spawn. You have excellent cover there and can quickly minigun them one by one.



    On Rescue ULP, from the outside team, one Player might stay in the bottom in a kuruma. Most enemies will focus on him. The other Player goes on top of the tower, shoots at the guys arriving in Nighsharks and especially those that try to get in the foundry from the main or back door. He won’t get shot at much. As soon as a helicopter spwans, he snipes it down.



    Personally, I find this tower a bit inconvenient (again), as these railings successfully prevent me from shooting downwards and increase the risk of commiting suicide, when using explosives 😛 But what if there is only 2-player team attempting CMM? However, DoD has one very annoying feature – sometimes, you can’t aim at some directions without moving the car around. Considering it’s size, that maneuver can be sometimes really burdensome. Moreover, it doesn’t have such good protection against bullets as Kuruma, so if NPC gets too close to driver’s window, it’s recommended to increase that distance, so you won’t be killed instantly.



    The tower works marvellously well for two. You can even smoke a cig drink a tea during shooting time up there 🙂
    I recommend taking a kuruma or two, the inside guy is driving & drops outside guy near tower & parks kuruma on a near spot to the door of the foundry.
    Inside guy has to be aware of spawning spots and that sometimes some sneaky badboys come into the front & back door.
    Tower guy has also to be aware of some things:
    there will be 2-3 npcs coming up the ladder while being up there,you can hear them cursing when they are near you so they are no big surprise when they are coming up to you.
    There will be helis approaching, a case for sniper/mini or what suits you to take those down..
    The npcs on ground can be sniped with ease when you’re not holding position near the fence/roundrail all the time, always step back to middle so noone can shoot you.
    Prioritize the npcs around the doorzones.
    Sometimes some rpgs suit well for those inside nightsharks, especially shortly before its time to leave.
    If possible-a quick call from inside guy before getting out the foundry gives the outside guy some time to clean direct front of the door.
    As soon the inside guy & ulp avi come out/are in the kuruma there wont be many spawns left so you can clear the rest safely and escape.



    OK, I will drill the topic. What if Buzzard spawns and shoots missile at person inside Kuruma? On the way back to dropoff point, Buzzards are not much threat, but outside foundry, there are always at least 2 of them. And mobility is rather limited, as there is not too much space to move around quickly.

    Sorry for being stubborn, but when using Kuruma I died 3 times already and this is why it’s hard to me to agree with you on that topic 😉 Maybe you know a spot where Buzzard is unable to shoot down Kuruma user? OFC, my questions apply only, if there is only 1 player in outside team.



    for two players like said, kuruma only for escape not for guarding entrance…


    Bump for awareness in regard to Khanjali setup


    Bump for nice tip in server farm setup: Use proxies!
    Thanks Rochen for showing me this!



    Ah nice, I’ve been wanting to test proxies for server farm with mathilya on our runs in the past but we never got around to actually doing it. Glad to see this confirmed. 🙂

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