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    Elite Challenge Guide

    I would like to thank ETCL crew for helping me in gathering experience and special mention to mattiejas and Jeffrey895 for helping out in most runs.

    Elite Challenge is a completion of heist final, at some conditions. They are very hard to meet, and so says the title: “Elite”. All of them require fast actions, excellent shooting and driving skills. Tight timer practically excludes the possibility of wearing heavy utility vest (maybe except Pacific Standard Job). Concluding, Criminal Mastermind Challenge is easier to complete than all 5 Elite runs. Each one requires nobody to get wasted, no quick restarts and no skip trips, so these criterions will be skipped in each challenge requirements description. Completing Elite Run rewards players with extra payout: 50,000$ in Fleeca and 100,000$ in other ones.

    The Fleeca Job

    • Completed under 5:20
    • Car damage under 6%

    Starting location: Alta Street.

    Players pick their fastest bike (e.g. Shotaro, Hakuchou (Drag), Bati 801RR, Akuma) and rush to Kuruma. The route indicated by GPS can be followed, although it is possible to take a risky shortcut on the right side of bridge over the sewer and arrive to Kuruma from south side.

    When inside, Driller needs to hack the system flawlessly – failure cancels chances for meeting time limit. On 2nd “map” there is a very narrow shortcut which should be taken. And, to save time, do not hesitate to start hacking next “map” as soon as possible. Meanwhile, driver must race to the bank, avoiding any collisions with traffic. If both players do their job flawlessly, driller is supposed finish about 500 meters before bank.

    When arrived, driller runs first to the vault. Perfect drilling requires no drill overheat – player is supposed to move their mouse/controller gently, to avoid overheating. When drill animation is rapidly turning red, it is advised to pull back controller and continue. Actually, it is possible to drill with little shade of red. That process cannot take longer than 50 seconds.

    As soon as driller is inside Kuruma, driver rushes to Zancudo River Bridge. Avoiding any collisions, first 2 roadblocks must be bypassed from left side, while the 3rd one must be rammed. It is recommended to hit police car back side, as on this side it is lighter. To avoid strong crash, it is advised to slow down a bit before ramming through the roadblock. On bridge, Eddie’s Cargobob blip will appear. Driver must watch it and drive the car’s roof right below the magnet. If everything will go fine, Eddie should lift the car at bridge’s half-length. Moreover, driver must watch out for police cars and make sure they won’t ram Kuruma.

    The Prison Break

    • Extraction under 4:40
    • Rashkovsky’s wounds under 1%

    Starting location: doesn’t matter.

    Prison Officer and Prisoner pick fast and good-handling bikes (Akuma, Bati 801RR recommended, as Hakuchou Drag is hard to handle and Shotaro has only 1 seat). At the beginning, there is no need to rush, as the timer starts at the beginning of the cutscene, when ground team picks Rashkovsky. Pilot or Demolition drops Prisoner a minigun and Prisoner’s choice weapon (Combat MG, Assault Rifle, Advanced Rifle recommended).

    Pilot heads to the airport. There is no need to hurry, so taking off at 3:00 on the timer is fine. When arrived to Sandy Shores, pilot avoids enemy Lazers by staying at their backs. After last enemy is killed (ground team must let know) , pilot must be close to prison’s north side and land on curved gravel road.
    Demolition is the most important role. When in Buzzard, hovers above the prison boundaries (not too close or player will get shot by missiles!). It is necessary to be on position, when ground team picks Rashkovsky. Demolition shoots homing missiles to every single enemy locked on. It is advised to have full view on prison, so the chopper longitudinal axis should make an angle of 90 degrees with fences. When finished, Demolition shoots any Lazers following Velum and gets ready to shoot any choppers spawning after ground team exit prison.

    Ground team take 1 bike and drive to the bus. Officer picks it, while Prisoner drive with bike to prison approach road end (not too close, as guard can spot the player). When regrouping with teammate, Officer calls his bike and leave it next to Prisoner’s one. Players continue, they pick their bikes, ram the fence on the left side right before second gate and drive around whole prison. Both park their bikes next to container, on its north side (not too close to it and not too close to each other or they might get destroyed by demolition’s missiles). The mentioned container is located on escape route (counting from narrow exit, located next to armored truck, 3rd one). Then, players make their way to Rashkovsky. Before triggering the cutscene, where Prisoner handles a weapon, make sure Demolition is on position and ready to help. As the clock started ticking, kill all N.O.O.S.E. agents and remember to switch between minigun and secondary weapon, as running speed with minigun is much worse. When Concentrate on less exposed enemies, that Demolition is not able to take out. When the last wave is cleared, ground team notify pilot, get on their bikes with Rashkovsky and leave the prison.

    The trickiest part begins, as ground team must board the plane. Player carrying Rashkovsky should park the bike on Velum’s right side – that configuration will let Rashkovsky get into it quickly. Both Prisoner and Officer must watch out for plane rotor. Demolition shoots enemy choppers first, to let plane crew get into cooldown state as soon as possible. Pilot must avoid choppers’ sight lines at all costs and fly directly to drop-off zone. It is recommended to increase altitude linearly, in order not to lose speed. The penultimate cutscene will be triggered only, if plane crew lose police and they are close to yellow marker, indicating drop-off zone. Demolition can help in shooting remaining choppers, although it is pilot, who must take care of avoiding them. The timer stops when cutscene is triggered, so there is no need to rush in parachute jump and flight back to the city.

    The Humane Labs Raid

    • Completed under 11:00
    • Valkyrie damage under 2%

    Starting location: 2044 North Conker Avenue.

    All players pick their fastest bikes and rush to Valkyrie – a trip can’t take more than 3 minutes. Recommended route can be found here:


    Players (except pilot) can sit randomly in helicopter. When inside, minigun users keep firing backwards, in order to increase Valkyrie’s horizontal speed. As before, pilot should linearly gain altitude.

    Ground team jumps as soon as they receive notification to jump. They must open parachute as late as possible, to save time. Meanwhile, gunner stays with pilot in the chopper and both land on the second highest mountain peak in San Chianski Passage, at facility’s south side. They shoot incoming Buzzards, until ground team notify of being inside cooling tunnel.

    Ground team makes their way through facility. Highly advised weapon is Assault Shotgun, as it has big clip (32 rounds) and is able to shoot enemies rapidly. Caution must be taken, as Merryweather guards are very accurate and getting killed is easy. However, both players should not stop at all, only in emergency situations (like low health or big amount of enemies on sight). When at the terminal, they must wait for animation (not cutscene!), in which they stare at cards. When ready, both put cards into terminal. After cutscene, they run to the elevator and make sure to press “use the elevator” button quick. After wearing rebreathers, pilot must be notified of their progress and goes on the little beach to pick them up. Meanwhile, gunner stays on the peak and keeps shooting enemy choppers.

    After regrouping, pilot comes back for gunner and picks him up. The whole crew must now shoot any remaining Buzzards. Pilot is obliged to face the choppers directly, so both miniguns and explosive cannon can be used to shoot them as fast as possible. When hearing lock-on sound, pilot must take extra caution to avoid missile shot. After getting rid of enemies, players on minigun positions shoot backwards again and wait for pilot to land Valkyrie.

    Series A Funding

    • Completed under 6:30
    • Kill 75 enemies

    Starting location: Integrity Way.

    All players pick their fastest bike and head up to Trevor’s warehouse. The first to arrive must meet Trevor, as only one player needs to do it. Both teams get in their position quickly, as enemies won’t start coming if any member is out of position.

    Incoming enemies must be killed as fast as possible, as next wave won’t appear, if the last one is not finished. Powerful weapons are necessary (RPG, Minigun). The last wave will be indicated by Lost’s van and bike coming from north side – this is the moment in which truck drivers must get in them (most likely south lookouts, as they usually clear last wave quicker than north lookouts). No need to wait for Trevor.

    As the time limit is very tight, truck drivers concentrate on avoiding traffic and rushing to El Gordo Lighthouse. Any rollovers or major stops are forbidden. They follow GPS route, until the Union Road – ignore the GPS indication and stay on highway. When bridge over Grapeseed Avenue is seen, truck drivers go off-road and continue driving towards lighthouse. Extra caution must be taken when entering small bridge over ravine.

    Players using Technical focus on shooting as many enemies as possible. Driver must be very cautious not to knock gunner from the back – that means any collisions and bumps must be avoided. Gunner should concentrate on killing vehicle occupants, not whole vehicle, as any explosion can cause chain reaction and massive pileup. What’s important, Technical staff is not obliged to arrive at lighthouse – they should stay on road and kill remaining enemies, to make sure the criterion of the amount of kills would be met.

    The Pacific Standard Job

    • Completed under 10:15
    • N.O.O.S.E not called

    Starting location: Integrity Way / Eclipse Towers / North Conker Avenue

    Before starting, everyone must have maximum amount of snacks and heavy armors in their inventory, as well as some practice in parachute jumps.

    Players pick their fastest bikes and rush to the bank. First to arrive activates checkpoint, rest heads up straight to entrance. After cutscene, Hacker knocks off the guard, while Demolition goes straight to first gate and plant charges. Meanwhile Crowd Control members knocks second guard, pull out their RPG’s and wait for the opening of 1st gate. When opened, one member goes upstairs and kills any oncoming enemies. Hacker waits for 2nd gate opening and rushes first to access panel – Demolition kills guards downstairs. Flawless hacking should take about 20 – 25 seconds. Demolition plants charges for last gate and after its opening, runs with Hacker to grab money from vault.

    After regrouping and cutscene, all players open their interaction menu on snacks (or armors) and rush to the bikes. There is no need to shoot police, as it takes time. It is recommended to have HP bar over 50% all the time. When about to take bikes, member on front shoots the green crates located in the corner of the alley to let everyone pick some extra armors.

    Bike escape is the hardest part of heist, as getting knocked off the bike is 95% lethal. Advised route can be found here:

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/pc/jobs/job/8Sen3mR7E0q3sNT-ilYDKA (by mattiejas)

    Parachute jump is tricky – more skilled players can freefall almost all the way down to the boat. Less confident players can use safer method – opening parachutes right after ditching bikes. As soon as all players are sitting in the boat, timer will stop. Driver carefully heads towards the ocean.


    Very nice guide mathilya! Thanks for putting this together.


    Feel free to share any opinions about this guide. If you think I missed some important informations, don’t hesitate to comment 😉

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