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    So I got banned, obviously for no reason. Here’s what I sent to rockstar. Let’s wait and see… And thanks to nop & roof & myst & cepa & bear for the emotional support this morning right after I found out.

    Dear Rockstar support,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

    I got an email this morning that I’ve been banned for 30 days. Whilst I understand that these cannot be appealed, to the best of my knowledge, I have never engaged in any activity that violates the EULA. I never used online mods, actually never used any mods of any kind for over a year. I purchased a separate account just for the purpose of offline modding in order to keep a clean separation and not to leave any accidental traces of mods. I stream all my gameplay on twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/mattiejas/videos/all), and I run a large GTA crew as well (https://www.ethicalretinue.com/) of which I am truly proud, and in which I explicitly advocate against the use of gaming exploits, receiving modded money, etc. (https://www.ethicalretinue.com/rules/). The name of the crew is “Ethical Retinue” and we are very serious about being ethical in our gameplay. Naturally this means not using any exploits whatsoever, and being nice and friendly to players throughout, and encouraging players to play fairly.

    From all of this, I’m probably the very last person that should be banned. I actively contributed to the success of your brilliant game by running a large crew, and by weekly blogging on these activities since January 2016 (as you can see from the crew website).

    So, could you kindly clarify which part of the EULA that I violated in order to deserve the ban, so that I, and any of my crew members, can avoid this situation in the future?

    Kindest regards,


    … and this was automatically closed with a generic response. What a stellar customer service.


    That’s unbelievable… I am really curious now what the reason behind your ban may be.
    Do you still have that second account so you can still play?


    Well, 30 days is a long timespan – at least it’s less than permanent. I hope that Rockstar will un-ban you sooner than that period of time – I am really curious what exactly they said in that generic message to you.

    I am also wondering, what was the actual reason of banning you. Maybe it’s connected with their new policy about modding? If so, this is very harsh reaction and completely inadequate. If R* will keep banning players for, let’s be honest, nothing compared to other online modders who are deducting others money and ranks, they will keep losing players, and no one will buy their extra cheap credit cards.

    There is one thing that is still on my mind – why they can’t explain properly the reason of banning? Are they just stupid, lazy or malicious? I think it might be 2nd option. I wouldn’t expect more from that customer service, that is responsible for millions of players. Pity, that fair players are always suffering for unfair players’ actions.

    As Jeff said, I wish you are still able to play GTAO with your second account. Your letter to Rockstar was one of the most mature and kindest thing written in English I ever seen. Your argumentation is clear, and every human in this world could consider the situation you found yourself in unfair and wrongful. Quoting the classic,

    this is Rockstar, you know.

    Don’t worry man. Being innocent and sense of that innocence is the a very strong feeling. Make sure you let us know about any progress in this situation. CU


    OMG. I can’t believe it ! No one in this game is more fair than Mattie. It’s kinda nightmare.


    Pardon my french (hi gloozy and nop), but this is utter bullshit. So sorry for you matt!
    I don’t know if any of you guys post in gta forums or gta online subreddit, maybe we could raise some attention there. But i guess we really can’t do anything about it and this just plain sucks.


    Thanks for all the moral support, everyone.

    Well attention is certainly growing… here’s a nice one:

    GTA Online right now from gtaonline


    That’s tough from R*. It seems they have mistaken the 2 accounts and banned the unmodded one :/


    Feel sorry for you, Mattie :(. Couple of my friends got previously similar bans for no reasons, and their attempts to sort it out were not successful either. I guess R* support has never been productive or effective towards players. When I tried to figure out my problem with performance, I received at first some reasonable advices that unfortunately didn’t work for me. Then in more than a week of daily conversations (I’ve done tons of things including reinstalling system software) they suggest I just ‘reinstall the game’ which has been done in the very beginning and reported as well. Every time new person replies to my message and it seemed to me they haven’t even read older replies. This is the quality of the support which we all suffer from.

    Just hope for you, Mat, that you’ll get unbanned as soon as possible.


    Thanks guys! And thanks geg – your wish came true!!! I’ve got unbanned this afternoon a few hours ago!!! No message or anything from Rockstar, just noticed that my stats were normal again on social club after someone at GEHT said they got their ban just overturned. Then tried logging in and hooray! All my 100% legit money is gone (21M) but I think I’ll manage to get that back as well after contacting Rockstar support. We’ll see. Even if I don’t get this back, I’m so relieved.

    My trust in Rockstar got a very serious dent though.

    And yep geg, I got similar experiences with Rockstar support in the past. You just have to be a bit patient until someone sensible comes along to look at your ticket. I don’t know but I suspect working conditions at Rockstar support are pretty dreadful. I know someone closely who worked in support department for a few years, not at Rockstar, but similar. With that in mind, just keep being nice and friendly. If you eventually get a good support person and they need to deal with your negativity as well as your issue then you’re much less likely to get helped.


    It’s now official:

    View post on imgur.com

    Whilst this is good news, I’m quite disappointed there’s no apology for the severe and completely unnecessary distress they’ve caused on so many players. Perhaps that will follow in a public statement.


    In this case, at 10:35 GMT+0 our boss should have had his money back. Don’t expect them to apologize – people forgive others mistakes easier than forgiving the fact of being right.

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