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    First of all, I would like to state that everything I write down below might be a bit rigorous, but this is just my opinion. Actually, I discussed it back in July with @kuroakame and I finally decided to share it.

    What makes our crew great is a diversity – of players, styles and language. Of course, we mostly use English when communicating. And here goes my suggestion – shall we keep the #general text channel in English? As its title says, this is our main channel, where every discussion begins.

    Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind people using their home languages while chatting. But that IMHO causes little exclusion from discussion for members who are not operating that language, unless it’s just a short conversation containing less than 5 messages. Yes, I know that this solution might force some of you to use PMs more than usual.

    These thoughts apply only to #general text channel. On voice channels I have no further suggestions.

    Again, this is just my opinion. I would be pleased to hear yours.


    General voice & text channel should be english also in my opinion.
    If theres a problem between guys who have same native language who cant point something out correctly in english i have no problem at all if they switch temporarily to their native lang but long chatting conversations should be taken to another voice or text channel.


    Agreed on this. Let’s keep the #general clean.



    I definitely agree on this. Of course, sometimes you need to explain something to someone in your own languages, or say a few things, etc etc. That is fine, but as a general rule I’d certainly support a No non-english conversations rule.



    Fully agreed.


    I’ve added the following item to our crew rules:

    In crew contexts, please use English in public channels (e.g. in the crew discord channels), and in private channels when playing with people who do not speak your language. Use of languages other than English inevitably leads to exclusion of people who do not master that language. Of course, saying a few words in a different language is perfectly fine. We embrace diversity. However, please avoid holding long conversations in other languages in situations where this risks excluding people who do not master that language.

    Is this wording ok? I’ve tried to capture the spirit of what we try to achieve rather than linking it specifically to a single discord channel.


    I fully agree. What I do not understand though is, when was that a problem really? To be quite honest that Super rarely happens. Almost everyone uses English unless it something super specific to be said or something. 🙂

    I do Agree though!



    Thanks sot. And yes, it simply formalizes what we mostly do already, and it is common sense: ensuring that everyone can understand the conversation is, in essence, a basic way of showing respect. I can say that the use of other languages definitely has caused a few serious incidents in the past (even if quite rare), so I think it’s better just to write it down so we can point people to it and avoid those issues to reoccur.


    Just done a small update, “channel” -> “situation”, to clarify that it’s not just about discord channels specifically, as suggested by mathilya over private chat.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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