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    Sarys here ! Account’s name on RSC : Ameres.
    I’ve met Gloozy during an heist, we sympathize, and here I am.

    So, a quick intro of myself.
    Name’s Laurent, from France.
    Currently working in France and Switzerland.
    I’am 28 yo.

    About GTAO :
    I was playing a lot as soon the online mode was released on PS3. Then I took a break, a bit bored.
    I’ve bought GTAV on pc during the summer steam sales, and I’ve so much stuff to do on GTAO !
    I’m looking to enjoy the game like I did at the release : racing, raging because someone throws me off the map :D, and now doing the heist and all the content I haven’t access to yet (because I’m fucking poor, so, I will be asking to be my heist mate A LOT haha).

    I also like to chill on crew session, having fun, doing stupid things.

    I hope you guys will be cool with me, and take time to explain me some tips I haven’t a clue about it (like, I haven’t done all the heist, so, I can’t know the strategies ^^).
    And I hope you will not taunt me with my english accent. Because I tell you : my english accent sucks !

    And don’t worry if you’re not seeing me these days logged in.
    I’m crunching at work !

    Take care !


    Welcome Ameres send me an I game message if u want to do heist and join our discord server 🙂


    Hi thanks for chiming in here, Ameres!! Don’t worry, the Frenglish accent is the best!! And the sexiest too. 🙂

    Very happy to help you teach the tricks of the heisting trade. If you wanna do a criminal mastermind run some day for the big grand $10M, I’m also happy to help out with that.

    Welcome to the crew and looking forward to playing with you!


    Welcome the friend by hoping to play with you when I would be a little more free


    Welcome on our crew. I’ll be there if needed for doing a criminal mastermind with you. I’ll be back on august.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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