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    I’m Lars, 25 years old and from Berlin. Really looking forward for some fun sessions in the crew! I think this game has so much more potential then what I’ve seen in the last few months if you manage to coordinate some things with people.

    I’ve played all the heists lots of time, just being a bit tired of doing them with randoms right now. I still don’t know the best way for all of them though, so I’m open for suggestions, and if anybody is interested, I’d like to go for the criminal mastermind challenge as well. Otherwise I’m doing lots of MC work atm, it’s always good money on the side and i also like the thrill of being chased after. Just recently, I had a few guys chasing after me in a supply run and afterwards I saw them throw proxies in front of my business through my security cam. Little did they know that I knew 🙂

    Also I’m regulary practicing some hydra stunts in an air race, though I’m not very good with it yet. But if you need air support, count me in with a hydra or savage.

    I’d like to do some clean races in a full lobby as well, which I never had the experience of.

    See you at the next event!


    Herzlich wilkommen 🙂 Glad to have you onboard


    Hello and welcome among us Lars, I like very much making locks also and would be happy to help you to make all the challenges, see you soon IG


    Thanks for the introductions here, lorsch! I love doing CM runs so happy to help out there too, provided that we can schedule a few evenings together with a good team to finish them. We do lot’s of clean racing during our crew events, hope you’ll enjoy those. Be prepared from some heavy competition from mathilya, myst, and gloozy! Their racing skills are pretty amazing.

    See you around! Hopefully we get to play together soon.


    Welcome dude, cant wait to have you backing me up with your Hydra.


    Thanks for your introduction. Nice to meet a new player who share our crew spirit.
    Hope to see you soon online (have already hear you on discord yesterday evening. Always better to be on discord to play together)
    And i’ll be happy to help you with your criminal mastermind (love the challenge)


    hey, welcome on board. good luck, have fun 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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