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    the point of smooth gameplay is in stable FPS. thats one of basic rules if you want to have a good aim. so what we need to do for it? enable vsync. it decreases your FPS to refresh rate of your monitor. Common LCD panels has only 60Hz refresh rate. it means you will get only 60FPS but stable. if you have still fps drops, its time to decrease some graphic details vv

    open your steam app, go to settings/in game and find FPS drawer and choose one of possible possitions. the classic is top right. now you can monitor your FPS during the gameplay and see how big and when exactly you get the drop.

    what eats your fps? first of all you can disable antialiasing, decrease level of shadows and tesselation.


    I can’t aim when i turn vsync on. It just feels “squishy”. The rest are good tips though 😉


    At 60fps vsync, Snack cannot kill more than 60 people per second during deathmatch… 😉

    Anti-aliasing is indeed the first thing to turn off, that’s an excellent tip. Another thing is grass! Setting it to normal really saves a lot of fps. It’s also easier to aim as the grass sometimes obstructs the view (for example in the Avi mission on the island). I found the “extended distance” options also very demanding, especially during in-game daytime, so I tend to turn those down a bit.


    big jumps in framerate makes the game laggy and its not important if you drop from 200fps to 120 or from 90 to 50. it still makes the game laggy. sure its always about engine how its written. first person shooter games has often FPS lock for maximum framerate. i dont think gta engine has this option. so v-sync is the only one solution. if you have a good display capable higher refresh rates (75 – 150Hz) youre the lucky man 😀

    my gaming experience tells me 90 or 120 FPS is ideal for killing obsession

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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