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    … in dedication to a recent happy event. 🙂 Please complete it if you are interested! We’ll follow the usual plan:

    • Everyone must dress beach/bachelor party style.
    • We will kick off with a party meet at the beach near the pier.a yet to be specified location. As usual, no shooting, no attracting cops, no upsetting the locals, etc.
    • We have a group picture. Everybody must be drunk, so make sure to bring your pisswasser.
    • We vote on each outfit (we’ve had many car meets so let’s keep it different!), using approval voting.
    • Exclusive photo shoot with just the winner(s).
    • We end the meet at the Vanilla Unicorn.
    • We finish the evening with a short beach themed playlist. If you want to contribute your own, give me a heads up and I will make sure it is included.

    As always, other suggestions/ideas are very welcome!!

    Last time Roofstone & Gloozy helped out with arts (screenshots, videos), many thanks guys! Once more any help will be very much appreciated.


    Okay, now I logged in 🙂 I’m gonna create some missions for the event guys, hold tight 😛 (idk what yet tho :D) Btw, sorry about the last mission that glitched so bad. It’s R*, not me 😛


    i have been away for a while, have been busy with a school assignment.
    i’ll have al lot more time in 2 or 3 weeks, but i’ll be there at the crew event
    wanna get back into it ;p see you soon guys!


    I also filmed all our events but I did not have time of realized all this

    I would make one day a video with all the promised events


    Thanks everyone for completing the doodle – let’s settle for this Saturday June 11th 9pm CET. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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