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    There has been a discussion going on behind the scenes between lieutenants & up on what to do with inactive “higher” (lieutenant & commissioner) ranks.

    As it stands, our current crew rules concerning hierarchy (see stipulate an expectation for the higher ranks to be actively involved with the crew, so there’s little point in having lieutenants/commissioners who are basically never around. Naturally people move on with their lives, and obviously that’s generally fine and to be expected. So the question is whether we change the hierarchy rules, or whether we stick to the hierarchy rules and instead clarify what happens in case of inactivity.

    After quite a bit of discussion (thanks to all who have already voiced their clear opinion about this, including nop, gloozy, snack, roofstone, mathilya, and jeffrey – sorry if I’m forgetting anyone!), I think we’re more or less converged to the latter. Here’s the proposal:

    * Anyone not active for 3 months will be gently asked whether they want to drop down back to representative (not active being not joining crew events, no longer posting on the forums, etc.).
    * Anyone who ever stood down can get their former rank back quite easily just by becoming active again (say, regular activity for a month, or a simple promise in good faith).

    I don’t expect any widespread objection to this, but I’m posting this here just in case anyone, who hasn’t seen the discussion yet, has strong feelings about this that they want to share.


    I completely agree with these rules.


    Yeah me too, its absolutely reasonable!!


    its logicas step which can help keep the crew “up to date”

    i have one more suggestion. what about removing members who are inactive longer than 1 year (no forum posts, no crew activities)? Do you think its too drastic?


    Yeah I feel that’s somewhat drastic, although I perfectly see where you are coming from.

    The most problematic part is maybe that it is difficult if not impossible to track accurately. It would make sense if we started hitting the 1000 member boundary (which is the maximum for any crew, or at least so I understood), but we’re a very long way from that! And I don’t think I’d feel comfortable ever kicking folks like snack or honki, who contributed a lot to the crew, but who have proclaimed an extended period of inactivity (honki sends his regards by the way – was in touch with him a few days back concerning this). So for now I’d prefer to keep it simple and just handle inactive upper ranks through a representative re-ranking.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I don’t oppose your idea in principle, and if others strongly feel like yourself then I certainly could be swayed.


    Well, as long as there are less than 100 of us in crew; 10 lieutenants and commisioners (and 1 leader) we can consider each case individually. Also, I see no problem in case someone will proclaim his/her absence for more or less specified period of time and temporary re-ranking. But, if someone would be inactive for these 3 months, then a message should be sent to that member to explain the situation. Exclusion from the crew might be applied ONLY if that member would not answer the message after 1 year or more. That’s my opinion.


    we both have right. i take it from experience with clan gaming, where you dont need to have clan with 30 people (25 inactive and 5 active). you need clan with 12 active people. some skilled, some who gains skills and replace outgoing skillers. and its also enough to set 5on5 funwar/clanwar almost anytime. but… our crew is something different.

    second point of view is that gta5 has a lot of crews and we have a lot of space so why to remove anyone? there are crews about 700 people and when you see the ranks they are not active in the crew. but… our crew is kinda different.

    all depending on your purpose. why etcl exists, whats the point of being here and that sets the rules to the members. it was just idea how to keep community alive (too much inactive members can attract feeling there are few active people and the rest is just for bigger number.

    its propably too soon for this decision. but later, when more and more people will move to newer games we can start to think about it again. will be nice if we ever meet again with those inactive people in gta 6


    Thanks both of you. I agree it’s just a bit too early for this decision, but it’s good to have had some discussion on it anyway and to think a bit about purpose and how we can best achieve it. For the time being I’ve updated to clarify what happens for inactive lieutenants and up, as we discussed.

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