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    Folks I haven’t seen online for quite some time now:

    * ynostan
    * dakshaa

    Has anyone seen either of these in the last month?



    i wasnt that much online as usual in the last weeks as you know but when i was i havent seen both online..



    Apart from aforementioned, I haven’t seen Abdukov since a long time too. Same goes to Ynostan (again), Raddest and Frankie.



    Haven’t really noticed but those names def don’t look familiar in recent activity.



    fwwalsh12 (frankie) was online just over a month ago, so I think it’s too early. IIRC I also saw raddest.

    I’ve now heard back from dakshaa and she declared quite unambiguously that she still intends to be active in GTA. I was also in touch with abdukov last week over something totally different, and he’s still intending to play GTA. He’s had a very busy spell with work.

    So that leaves only ynostan. I’ll do the honours and send him a message.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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