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    As in previous month, I haven’t seen Mike at all. Except 26.11, on our CMM training. Same goes to Grey – I don’t even remember when I played with him last time.

    I can also notice Strezz’s, Tosyalist’s and Dallas’ lack of activity. Correct me if I’m wrong.



    Oh man I forgot about Grey, I haven’t seen him in months.


    Apparenty, grey last ranked up yesterday:

    I haven’t seen him for quite some time either, though.

    Also, where is gegkastar?



    The list of clear inactives are (including ones mentioned above):

    * strezz
    * tosyalist
    * dallas
    * geg
    * fwwalsh12
    * el_narco

    Anyone seen any of these souls recently? Both grey and mike have been briefly around not too long ago so I’d wait a bit.



    Hi everyone,

    I was absent from august to early november but it’s improving a little bit these last days, I play less often and less longer, so I unfortunately appear not to be here :/

    Not sure if for events I can log in around 9 but 9.30 should be ok.

    But I’m interesting in having fun with you guys!

    Threepwood> Wow I died a lot 🙂

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    I haven’t seen any of these souls recently you mentioned. Except Mike, who was online on 26.11. With everyone you mentioned, I’d just wait with Geg, others are inactive since a long time.

    @greymalkyn Thanks for your response. Hope you’ll manage to find some time to join. Also at 21:30 🙂


    grey, I have 10k more deaths than you 😀

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