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    Here’s a list of people I haven’t seen in a long long time:


    * @stoic
    * cepa
    * chobi
    * el_narco
    * exar
    * feris26
    * fluffy
    * @madred
    * melike
    * sep
    * the_blob2
    * upeng
    * @gegkastar
    * @honkiponkitorino might be obvious but he has been recently in touch with me and told me he’ll try to join some events again (yaaaay!) so I’d hold that off


    * @raijin (not sure?)


    * @gloozy might be obvious but he has been recently in touch as well (yaaaaaaaay!) so I’d hold that off as well

    It’s possible someone on this list that has been active in the last month without me knowing. Please speak up if that’s the case? In particular, if someone can confirm that raijin (and stoic, they seem to play together quite a lot) has been active then please do speak up.

    Also if anyone is missing on the list, feel free to make a suggestion.



    I think I’ve seen Geg be on, but not interacting with the crew. The rest are all people I haven’t seen at all. I am for the demotions, barring Honki. Let’s hold of one more month and see if he does indeed join us again!

    Would love to play with Gloozy again. He is indeed a missed soul. Let’s hold of a tad on that one a bit as well.

    Raijin I can’t remember seeing in recent memory. So I am for the demotion on that one for now. But maybe someone else has seen him?



    I agree with Roof, but I can’t tell you about geg. I think I played with MadRed a couple of weeks ago. But now that I try to think of it I start to question myself. I do see Cepa online from time to time, although I have not played with him. I can not recall any recent activity from the rest of those played. It would be great if gloozy and honki came back again! I think I haven’t seen honki in over a year, maybe longer ;p



    also cant remember seeing them active except feris but only in GEHT activities.


    Is “cepa” CEPA-FIN? He’s active, but I don’t remember seeing him taking part in ETCL events.



    OK, I think we need to distinguish players who are active in GTAO overall, but don’t play with the crew with ones, who are not playing GTAO at all. In first order, I’d demote nominate to muscle the second group I mentioned – I’d say, the_blob, upeng, melike and geg. The rest, AFAIR I saw online briefly – so there is still a chance that they can play with us. With the first group, I’d wait one more month – e.g. I see cepa frequently online, but he is busy with his GEHT. About the rest, I can’t really express my opinion, as I don’t have these crew members on my friends list, so I’ll have abstain from commenting.



    Yeah, maybe we need to make a distinction. Yes, cepa is cepa-fin. I used to play a lot with him, but not in the last year or so. As far as I know he almost never engages with the crew anymore, but if some of you still have regular contact then yes we can keep cepa at representative. I do see him coming online still occasionally.

    I’ll go ahead with the_blob, upeng, melike and @gegkastar since these cases seem clear.



    As the person concerned, I have a duty to speak on this subject out of respect for you. It’s a reality that I’ve deserted the game in recent months.
    There are several reasons for this:
    1- Less passion for the game
    2 – the birth of a baby one year ago
    3 – the discovery of new VR games(Echo Arena) and not VR (Pubg)

    From my point of view, I have no resentment to come back to muscle.
    I intend to stay in the crew, as long as GTA5 is installed on my PC, and I intend to participate in events from time to time.
    I also expect to always have respect for those who helped build and sustain this community of players, to whom I remain attached, for humane reasons and with whom I intend to remain friends and share good times, possibly on other games, and GTA6 for sure.



    Lovely of you to stop by, especially on this special day! I know how it is, especially with small children, fully understood. I’m happy to wait a bit longer to see how things play out for you.

    Regardless of anything, it would really be wonderful to see you around for some random events again, even if it is only very very sporadically.



    I agree on all of these representatives.
    About Raijin _ he’s sometimes online in the game, tho not on the discord..
    Gegka? Not sure..



    Just for information, geg is getting his laptop fixed, still struggling with technical issues. I’ve been on steam chat with him in the last few days. He sends his regards. 🙂



    Glad to hear that there is some contact with him. Let’s wait until next month with his muscle nomination.

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