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    Here’s a list of people that haven’t been active in the crew for a long time, as far as I am personally aware:


    * @stoic
    * cepa (active in the game but virtually no crew activity as far as I am aware)
    * chobi
    * el_narco
    * exar
    * feris26
    * fluffy
    * @madred
    * melike
    * sep
    * the_blob2
    * upeng
    * @gegkastar (he has been in touch over discord with me very recently, and sends his regards to the entire crew; sadly he cannot play the game with his laptop due to technical issues, but he misses the crew and hopes to be back one day)


    * vixienne
    * @raijin (again, not sure, but I don’t think I’ve seen him online in a very long time now)
    * myst (in his case there are some external circumstances that I’m aware of, can discuss in private)

    If anyone shouldn’t be on the list, or is missing from the list, please speak up.

    Finally, last month we kind of made a distinction between active in the game and active in the crew. However, the rules are pretty clear that activity is meant to be crew activity (i.e. basically playing with other crew members), so shall we just apply it that way?


    I like to imagine we can trust Geg and keep him on at least for a little bit, then in lieu of any activity we can discuss him again next nomination?

    As for Myst I’ll defer to your judgement after the discussion.

    For everyone else I support the rank change.


    Agreed with Roof. Representative list seems fine for me. Also, I’d give Geg one more month on representative level – there is some contact with him, and if he states that he misses the crew, I can believe in that.

    I don’t want to be cold, but Myst does not engage in crew life too much. He joins crew events (sporadically) and I see no reasons he should retain his lieutenant rank. Hierarchy rules are clear in this case. I also haven’t seen Raijin – same situation.


    Agree to rule of crewactivity, thats what its about;))
    Also agree on the list.


    Thanks all. I’ll go ahead with all except geg – I’m prioritizing a few other things first though but I think I’ll manage to get to it early next week, maybe already over the weekend.


    FYI I’ve gone ahead with all except myst and geg for now (I’m indirectly aware of some developments with myst so I’d like to hold it off a bit longer).


    Rakun told me the Rak account wont be active in future after ban&reset of that account so i removed it.
    New Account is _Rochen_

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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