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    I think everyone played as pilot in Prison Break at least once. After picking ground team and Rashkovsky, you fly to the drop zone and parachute. However, there is a glitch, that can occur sometimes – even if there are no cops around, radar still flashes red and blue, indicating that police still sees you. It very annoying, and some inexperienced players can be stuck for hours, when trying to lose cops. It applies also for cooldown state – out of nowhere, the radar starts to flash again, but there are no cops on it.

    From my own observations, the probability of occurence increases with poorer internet connection between players in the plane. Moreover, it can also lead to strange police behavior – such as police chopper spawning in front of plane. Obviously, in most cases pilot has no time to react and has to start from scratch.

    It is not confirmed, but my method to cope with that annoying glitch is to fly very low, just above sea level. No police boats or cars will spawn, what’s more, police choppers won’t start spawning below plane, as they are not submarines 😛 Whenever I see a helicopter, I change plane course sharply (circa 90 degrees, or even turn around, if I see no choppers behind me), to fly around chopper’s sight field as far away from it as possible. And continue flying just above ocean, until these 5 stars in top right corner disappear.

    This method helped me in most cases – instead of 30 minutes of pointless flight, it’s possible to lose cops in 5-10 minutes. Let me know what do you think about it.


    its a good idea but i think we can report some of the glitches to rockstar im sure they can fix it anyways this is only my opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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