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    Update rockstar reaction:

    With the obvious new swath of annoying cheats and hacks plaguing the PC version, Rockstar has remotely disabled paying Insurance Premiums and accumulation of Bad Sport points for the time being until something more concrete is put into play.
    It’s “safe” to go into Public lobbies again and I use that term very loosely. Stay safe and have fun, chaps. And most of all, stay vigilant.
    Please read the “PC Affected” sticky post up top for more info.
    For the quick version, fuckwits are “insuring” Luxor Deluxes (10 mln Gold jet) and destroying them repeatedly on victims, fining them a whopping 100k in illegitimate insurance fees and rapid gaining of Bad Sport points.
    Bad Sport points are gained so rapidly in fact, you can be sent to Bad Sport in less than a minute, not to mention to complete loss of banked income in moments totaling millions.

    A cheat mod managed to let cheater drain your money by using the so called fraud insurance. “These frauds involve the destruction of the hacker’es own personal vehicle, expect it is billed to the account of another player in the lobby.”


    take care.


    thanks for good news 🙂

    iam used to be in passive mode thanks to long experience with modders. its true that passive mode cant protect you for 100% but in 90% of cases its protecting you from their stupidity. and i think it will protect me from this cheat also



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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