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    Obviously, during crew events we separate from other players via invite-only session. This is a simple solution that works without any bigger problems. But, we are perfectionists, so I have a question to discuss. The main problem is with invite-only session is, when someone disconnects (in the playlist or not). That unlucky person has to ask other players for re-invite and let’s be honest – even SC invites can sometimes “arrive” too late (or never).

    So, what do you think of closed crew sessions? Victims of poor internet connection (or R* malice) can rejoin on his/her own without unnecessary mix-up and distracting others. It’s still possible to invite players from outside the crew, so there will be no problem with inviting potential guests.

    Of course, I see some cons. I don’t know if players without ETCL label can join that session “directly” too. However, IMHO we should test this solution on our next crew event – just for science. What do you think about it?


    Smart, I had not thought of that before. That should work for the pre-/after-party. But I don’t think that works while we are in a playlist. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt.


    Moved this to the open forum for broader discussion.

    I see no reason why not, it won’t allow other friends to join us, but that is an infrequent occurrence so it shouldn’t be a huge problem. And we can adjust for when it is.


    This may work, but it can be a problem for some crew members who sometimes invite a friend to join us.
    My 2 cents 😉


    Yesterday, I set up that session for testing purposes and I was still able to invite players from outside the crew via SC. However, I don’t know if these players would be able to accept that invitation or R* won’t just throw an error. But, if we don’ try, we will never know 😛


    Sounds good Mathilya. +1


    It’s a good idea, but as already mentioned, almost always someone from outside the crew joins the event, and it’s a good way of attracting new members, so I’d hate to close it up. Also if I recall correctly “crew only” is in fact not limited to a single crew, but to 2 crews, so randoms could still join by accident. If someone has IGN then it opens the floodgates.

    Maybe a “friends only” session suits better, provided that friends of friends can also join – we should test this! In this case, friends could still “join by accident” but this is unlikely to cause a problem.


    Let me rephrase what I wrote… OK, I checked out types of session in GTAO (in storymode), and I see following:

    • Go – direct access to GTAO
    • invite-only session
    • crew session
    • closed crew session
    • closed friends session
    • solo session

    Now you see the difference. The description says:

    Head into GTAO with your crew members only

    I am only worried if members from outside the crew will be able to join – it is possible to send them invites though. This is why I would like to test it.


    Oh, I didn’t know about *closed* crew sessions – that seems worth exploring. If non-crew members can be invited into it via social club, then yes that would fit perfectly. Otherwise, we can go for “closed friend” session.


    OK, so here is a conclusion.

    It didn’t work, unfortunately. In closed crew session some crew members were unable to join, for unknown reasons. When we switched to friends only session, things got complicated too. It appears that this session was open only for host’s friends. I hosted it and I had no all crew members on my friends list (like Vix). Simply saying, friends of my friends were unable to join too.

    At least we tested it, but looks like invite-only session is still the best solution…


    Yeah… At least it was worth a try.

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