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    as you guys may know that my weekends are full of work and since a few months ago I stopped comming to the crew events most of the time I am working on a restaurant at the time the event starts cuz I actually wanna go and during the week we all can’t I would like to see if its possible to change to sunday night (8 o’clock) 9 o’clock for you guys hope you guys can understant.
    I know that sunday is a family day for most of you guys.

    and Matt I will wait for your reply.




    Allright, I know that you adressed this comment mostly to our boss, but since you placed it in public forum, I will just express my opinion here.

    First of all, I would like to ask, if you are talking about temporary beginning time change or permanent? If you chose 1st option, I am sure that we can start at 21:00 (GMT+0) in next few events. Bear in mind, that most of us live in GMT+1 (CET) timezone, so starting hour will move to 22:00, from our point of view. Suppose the party lasts 2 hours, we will have finished at about midnight (and also, there are some of us who live in GMT+2 timezone – add one more hour). But this shouldn’t be a problem on Fridays or Saturdays.

    Sure, we can finish faster by not having an after-party or reducing amount of games in the playlist but I think we all like them when they are “long enough”, so reducing number of games isn’t necessary 😉

    Permanent change of starting hour might be a bit problematic for most of us, IMHO. Especially on Sundays, when some people wake up to work on Monday early. So, my opinion is, organizing events at 21:00 (GMT+0) should be no problem in on Saturdays/Fridays, but on Sundays, we will probably need some more voices.

    But as you said, final word belongs to our boss – what I said is just my opinion.


    I mean at the same time but on sunday


    I’d suggest we just go by the doodle as usual – just make sure to complete it, kuro! We don’t have a fixed day, although lately it has been mostly Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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