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    Greetings, Ethical Retinuees!

    My name is Sam, and I have just joined the crew :D
    I come to bring you plenty of new years wishes, a profound childish incompetence on wheels and a baffling amount of accidental suicide-team kills.

    I’ve been playing GTA since launch day on PC, and it’s safe to say this game still has its hooks in me :)
    With regards to my playstyle, I like to say I see the good in people, trying to be a counterweight against GTA’s infamous toxicity.
    But honestly, you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve by approaching random strangers and helping them out with their sale/export/supply runs! Unless you accidentally fly your hydra into their high end car (Yes, that actually happened once).

    Besides shooting at virtual representations of people, I am a huge film and music enthusiast! My tastes in both are wide ranging, though I do tend towards electronic music the most. Some of my favourite movies are Seul Contre Tous, Festen and It Follows. My favourite musician would probably be Amon Tobin.

    Unfortunately, in 2 weeks I’ll be leaving the country for work and won’t be able to play anymore for 9 months..
    So when I come back I’ll probably have to post this again to re-introduce myself :P

    But I really look forward to playing together! The NY event was already a lot of fun, thanks for having me there :)

    Happy new year! May our pockets be lined with millions.


    If you need someone to hold onto your millions for you until you get back I’m your gal.


    Welcome to the crew. And of course, we are awaiting your comeback already :P


    welcome tos, cya soon!


    Welcome to the crew and good luck at work :) – see you after 9 months /if you were a woman I would be suspicious about this 9 months waiting time/ ;)

    Best of luck


    A warm welcome to you, Tosyalist!! I can tell from your lovely introduction that you have your heart in the right place, certainly as far as this crew is concerned.

    On another topic, I’ve been an Amon Tobin fan for years. When you’re back, perhaps we should consider doing a musical event. There’s lot’s of musical talent and interest here in the crew.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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