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    Please complete it if you are interested! The previous plan worked pretty well, so I suggest that we follow it again:

    • Everyone must dress mafia style.
    • We will kick off with a mafia car meet at a yet to be specified location. As usual, please park your vehicles in a nice line, no shooting, no attracting cops, no upsetting the locals, etc.
    • We have a group picture. Make sure to bring your cigarettes.
    • We vote on each vehicle, using approval voting.
    • We have an exclusive photo shoot with just the winner(s) with their cars.
    • We end the car meet with an impromptu race.
    • We finish the evening with a short mafia themed playlist. Roofstone has already been working on a few really awesome jobs!

    Of course other suggestions/ideas are very welcome!! For example, some of the VIP missions also fit the mafia theme pretty well, but we can only do them with at most 4 people… but maybe there are ways that we can make it work anyway (e.g. one VIP group versus the rest of the players in freemode, or multiple VIP groups competing, …).


    I’ve created a TDM. we can try that some time!


    In which date is planned this event ??


    Ho forgiveness I had not seen 02/05


    Tuesday 03/05 works for everyone – so let’s do it then! I’ll do a blog post with the fine details in the next day(s).

    Yes honki your job will be perfect, as will roof’s recently created jobs! If you have any other suggestions for jobs to add to the playlist please shout up!


    My current work schedule doesn’t allow me to play on tuesday nights, I’m afraid.. :I Wednesdays and weekends are better chances for me.


    Ok for me the 03/05.


    maybe we all could try out the new adversary mode “in and out”. it will be comming the same day. i think it would be fun


    Sorry you can’t make it, flum… Next time make sure to complete the doodle so we can take it into account. I agree that we should also try at least one of the new adversary modes. The timing couldn’t have been better!


    I think I can join on tuesday! Not sure yet, got to check my schedule tomorrow.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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