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    I thought would be a great solution (only people who want can join and everyone can play their music jointly), but at least for myself, and I think also for doozle, the website seems to swamp our CPU and network a bit too much to the extent of affecting the framerate (as you could all see from the livestream) and doozle having trouble even just starting the game. Great as is otherwise, I think it’s not a viable solution for our crew events.

    Not sure what people thought of gnar yesterday, but I had the impression that some folks got a bit annoyed (logically, if you don’t know how to mute and/or control the volume of gnar).

    I’m looking to experiment a bit more with discord music bots. Looking for some way we can set the server volume, add songs like in a playlist, maybe even allow someone to reshuffle the songs, and ideally all of that in an easy and non-intrusive way. The first one I’ve added is: The documentation looks promising but ofc you only know when you try.

    Feel free to experiment, let everyone know what you think of it, and make further suggestions if you have any!


    I don’t think Gnar is bad idea. This bot is very easy to use and this is its main advantage. I’d suggest to pin the message to #dj channnel with most basic instructions, like _skip, _stop, _pause, _continue, how to add playlist, adjust the volume. Let’s be honest – members without microphone have even harder task to communicate, when there is loud music playing.

    I saw rythmbot on bot list. Testing is always good, but I’d focus on “teaching” how to use Gnar in the way all members could be satisfied.


    Since discord is running in almost every situation,i like it having the music thing in it.
    I like it having it compact. The less progs and services running the better while gaming.
    Surely It can be new and not clear how to use it for newly joined players, but thats quick learnable, like you said pin it up to the channel is a very good idea & complimentary. And guys are welcome to ask everyone everytime for such things, i needed also a quick crashcourse on it but worked pretty fast to play songs..
    And it seems to me that the most important thing for the majority is to be aware of the volumefader of gnar/members and how to quick access it or better said to be aware to have it set to low in general before it goes PENGPENG again, depending how you they set up their general volume,chatmembersvolume and so on.


    Yup, agreed with all. Thanks for the input as always!

    Been experimenting with rythm and it has some very nice features that gnar is missing, I encourage you to play around with it and see if it has no technical problems (or fewer than gnar at least).


    Rythm works fine and good to have the extra options so thanks for this Mattie and goodbye Gnar. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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