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    Nopitch and Gloozy asked me to post a couple pictures of my homemade pc case. I cut my old pc desk and used the parts. Also cut a rectangle on the side panel of my old pc case. I cut the front I/O panel from the old pc case as well and I m using it for USB and my headset.

    The case is nowhere near perfect when you look at it but I was going for functionality anyways. Dust filtering has been a little problematic though. None of the shops I went had what I needed for like a proper dust filter for a computer. At least not the dimensions I wanted. I had to improvise and use some interesting stuf of which I’m not going to detail here 😀 Inside the case where the power cables run and where the harddrives and SSD’s and the dvd drive sits is a complete mess. I didn’t even made cable management there since there was no need for it anyways. Because other than the storage drives, nothing needs cooling and my PSU has its own big fan and sucks the air from under the case anyways.

    There are 5 fans for air intake on the floor. Punching circle holes into the wooden panel was a pain in the ass but with the right tools I was able to do it myself. Anyways the fans; 4 of them are 80 mm with red leds and one of them is a 220 mm blue led fan. I broke the blue led. So it doesn’t work now. Don’t ask how. -.- These suck the air from under the case. I placed a total of 4 120 mm fans on the top cover for exhusting the hot air from the case. I need to get 2 more of those and place them. But haven’t got around to it yet. Also no matter what I do, my CPU was overheating like mad and causing BSODs. My cpu cooler is a very large one. Imagine it like a toast with a fan in it instead of potatoes ketchup. The 120 mm fan in the middle wasn’t enough to suck air from one side and push it out the other. So what I did was remove the cooler, clear the thermal paste on the CPU and cooler and replace it. Also I went mad and placed 2 80 mm fans under and over the cooler and tied them to each other. With a thick cable 😀 The result was a very large cpu cooler with 3 fans. Now I have a total of 15 fans in my computer case if you count the 3 on cpu, 2 on graphics card and 1 inside the PSU. I I will put 2 more on the top cover for more exhausting. Also I m thinking of placing a couple small fans to cool the harddrives. Also do some cable management in the future. Because it looks like 10 birds crapped in it right now.

    The graphics card is an MSI R9 390 with 2 fans on it. My cpu is a bit old. Its an AMD Phenom X6 1100T. Overclocked at 3.8 ghz I think. Rams are 8 gm Team Xtream 2000 mhz ddr 3. But I use them at 1600 or 1800 at times. Motherboard is an Asus Crosshair IV. Which is still solid. I got a 2 TB Seagate and a 500 gb Seagate harddisk for the usual storage. I have a 120 gb Kingston SSD, a 120 gb Crucial SSD. I also dismantled my father’s pc and “stole” his 30 gb Team Xtream SSD and installed it as well. 😀 I got a generic DVD writer from Sony I think. Power supply is “High Power” brand, a 750 watt. It’s doing a great job for the last 5-6 years. I also installed a fan controller and it can control 6 fans simultanously. Which is great if you want to lower the fan speeds when you need.

    The whole reason for this case was to use the basic principle of “hot air rises”. I turned my motherboard so the backpanel actually looks upwards. The cables stick out and looks ugly as hell but I needed cooling rather than looks if you know what I mean. Basically this case sucks cold air from under, CPU and GPU cook it and fans above suck it out. The result is my gpu and cpu stay under 50 degrees celcius when playing GTA.

    The case is loud as f*ck though. As I expressed in the video I posted. Which I really like 🙂 It being loud I mean -.-

    Anyways enough of this garbage. Here it is. See for yourselves.

    Homemade Custom PC Case Project – I call it “Hot Air Rises”


    That’s one mad case. 🙂 Can’t comment on the technical aspects, but I just love the fact that you built that all by yourself from recycled parts!! That’s very impressive.


    I m thinking of making another one actually. An even better one with compartments. Completely on the principle of hot air rising again. This one was like a warmup and it works really good. Now I have experienced something I believe I can improve on it.

    That’ll be sometime in the future though. Now is time to GTA XD


    when i was younger, i wanted to built PC inside my table. with glass window in the centre of desktop to see internals 🙂 Times of PC modding are far away.

    to be honest, your pc loox ugly 😀 So i wish you good luck with the new project 😀 😀 😀


    I was very curious to see what’s look like your homemade pc case.
    Good effort to produce your own case. I know I would never have the patience to do that.
    Thanks for posting the pictures of it.


    If I painted it and did some cable management, it would look 10 times better than right now. But as I said I just wanted function and the case is doing it very well indeed. 20-30 degrees celcius difference from my old case. Which even had good cable management.

    The next one I m gonna make will be with good first hand materials and will probably have new components. A very fast I7 processor and liquid cooling probably. I m sick and tired of dust problems. I ve got great ideas about cable management too.

    All it takes is a little money and a little patience. Also some woodworking skills which I lack a bit. But I m learning 😉


    i can just recommend to buy dremmel. i have one and you never know when you need it 😉 (i mean its usefull time to time)

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