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    A discussion was started on the blog, but I thought it’s better for the forum here, so replicating the conversation…

    Quoting gloozy:

    I was surprised about the attitude of some players during this event we played last night who obviously did not understand a certain number of rules of this crew. Although sending a lamar’ robber is part of the “classics”, I find that releasing Molotov cocktails during an event entitled “Make Love and Not War” seems somewhat inappropriate (in my opinion).

    Quoting mathilya’s reply:

    Yep, it was kinda weird. Molotovs are deadly, when thrown next to car, as flames can blow up the vehicle in about 15 seconds (Police setup from Prison Break anyone?). Moreover, well placed flare can cause vehicles to explode if the flare is shot near the tire, as the flare would ignite the tire. And we weren’t able to stop the chain reaction – our cars were parked close to each other. I am not mentioning cops, as we deal with them on every single event – this is why we shouldn’t use ANY weapons, if we don’t want to attract these BBQ lovers 😛

    What’s obvious, all these explosions botched the meeting at Dignity Village.

    I’ve checked the livestream and sent a personal warning to those throwing molotovs. I hope this will be enough, but please, can I remind everyone to refrain from crew killing, car destroying, etc. during crew meets in freemode? It totally kills the vibe for everyone. See the crew rules:

    Crew Rules

    Also this is good reading (older discussion of similar issues):

    crew issues: open discussion

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