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    What is FiveM ?

    FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play on dedicated servers with custom, modified experiences.
    FiveM allows servers to use custom cars, maps, weapons, and more.
    FiveM doesn’t modify your GTA V installation, so you can switch between GTA:O and FiveM without getting banned.

    your character in gta online is not sync with the character u will create on a FiveM server.


    Is it legit ?

    When the first version of FiveM came out the framework did not check if u had a legit copy of gta so rockstar made the project closed. Now that framework allow rockstar to check if u have a legit copy of the game, they let the project grown.

    Should we set up our own server ?

    That is the purpose of the topic, that we can discuss if you guys think it could be a good idea that we have our own FiveM server. FiveM is mostly use for Role-playing game based on the GTA 5 map but in our case it could be the opportunity to create great free session event like Roofstone did a year ago, massive deathmatch, cops vs thieves ect. The only limits are our imagination our programming skills and there are only 24/32 slots.

    What do u guys think ?


    While I am not opposed to using it now and then there are a few hickups.

    Number one is recruiting, on occasion our members will have friends come along to play with us and more often than not we end up playing with them again and even recruiting them into our crew. Having events is a strong recruitment tool since it shows people that “Oh this is a fun gang”.

    Number two is convenience. Most of the time we go pretty much immediately from crew events to doing stuff in an afterparty. There is nearly always a group forming up to go do stuff, that’d be harsher when we have to start up the game, all that. And it might kill some out of event activity.

    Number three is quality. Independent developers, mod makers, etc etc cannot provide the same support and quality that a big scale dev can. So if we encounter issues we might more often than we like end up sat there without any fix to our problems.


    Thank for u feedback roof.

    As I see it, it is not a we stop playing gta online and go to the server 24/7. Nor a every event will be on fivem.
    This is one more tool we can add to our toolbox.

    That is for concerne nb 2 that we created a website, a discord and the weekly event. So It is easier to meet and start stuff together. I hope that once we end an event on fivem we will be smart enough to ask and set up on discord if someone want to fire up something on gtao.

    I’m not worry about concern nb 1 because it is not the end of our old crew event, and people would still be able to invite their friend.

    Concern nb 3 might be a pb but u really should go and watch what people did with the framework, really good stuff. And like new job you guys create we will test it before I guess.


    The idea is very nice. I watched gameplay video on YT and I must admit, that mod looks very interesting. And yeah, I have read your conversation on discord, too :P

    Here goes my opinion: it is always worth trying. If there is a legit mod, that allows us to try something new, sure, why not. What concerns me is, that we might get splitted. I mean, there will be some members, who will use that mod eagerly, some of them not. IMHO, this might lead to unwanted separation.

    Concluding, I would wait with any decisions until the next update’s impressions – maybe it’s going to be even bigger success than Heists update, so GTAO will be exciting again (but I have strong doubts :P). But I would like to accent, that your idea is very cool and if there will be more members up for this, I will surely try as well.


    The server would only be started during specific event I guess. Maybe I would have been more clear about that.


    I got to have a better look on what FiveM is Before pronouncing.
    Thanks to Nop’ for sharing this.


    Yes! I haven’t tested it myself, but be sure to let me know when you do. It looks very interesting. Maybe we could just gather on a public (roleplay) server to test it out and go from there. I don’t have any experience in setting up a server unfortunately and I wonder if it works in any way like single player modding?


    I dont know lorsh, we could start and create a small race or something with motivated people to see what we can do with our skills.


    I’ll be happy to test it with some of you. Just call me when, i’ll be there !

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