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    … so we had another few (minor, but still) incidents with less experienced crew members killing others for absolutely no reason, during the last crew event in the freemode session. I think we need to set up a system to get the message across better.

    Nop and I had a discussion about this, and I was think about maybe appointing a few (say, 3) “peace keepers” for each crew event, who keep an eye out for improper behavior, such as crew killing in freemode (that would be the most common one but it could be other stuff too) during crew events. I think it’s important that we act immediately and promptly in such cases in order to get the message across and to keep the experience pleasant for everybody. I think it will be enough for novices to know that peace keepers are around. It also reassures newcomers that we take abuse seriously.

    Of course, when I say here crew killing, I mean kills that aren’t accidents – context is important, so I wouldn’t want those peace keepers to go after every single death if it’s not clear it’s not an accident (e.g. if the person apologizes then that’s fine, or if the person asked permission first, then that’s fine too). Some level of subjective judgment is required to do this sort of job properly.

    The host shouldn’t be one of these people. As a host you don’t always see what’s going on and you’re kind off busy with lot’s of other things at the same time.



    I’ll always keep an eye open, that goes without saying. As will all the other commissioners and Lieutenants I imagine. But having someone dedicated to keep an eye out and deal with it or report to us would be very useful indeed.

    It’ll have to be people we trust, since as you said, it is important to be on the ball with judgement. There is a difference between random killings and crew members going at it for shits and giggles.


    I did not pay attention to everything that happened during the event.
    The fear I have is that those watching spend more time on it rather than enjoying the event.
    I think those who are victims of this kind of behavior should make it known, and depending on the context, I think it’s important to take sanctions.


    I’m having fun watching you guys :p I don’t bother to be part of peace keepers as long as I’m not alone.


    Thanks for your inputs. Roof, gloozy, and nop, are you guys happy to be the peacekeepers for the next event this Tuesday? (Any other volunteers?)

    The way I’d see this working is that if you see something wrong (good judgment needed here…), to remind in the in-game chat or discord please not to shoot crew members randomly (very brief should be enough). Then follow that up with a kind brief immediate message over social club to that person with a link to our crew rules. I don’t think this will need to happen very often (maybe not at all), and that a single warning will be enough usually. If a 2nd warning is needed, remind the offender that this might lead to a ban. In case of more than 2 offenses, depending on the nature, we may discuss a ban among lieutenants/commissioners.

    I think it’s obvious but just to be very clear on this: what peacekeepers shouldn’t do is shoot people who break the rules. 🙂

    The above is just a suggestion – I’m happy for you to fill in this role in whatever way you see fit.


    No five-o please!

    In terms of “violance”, is wasting cops and other non-player characters allowed? ^_^ Last event I remember mowing down a whole bunch of cops with the Technical MG but no innocent crewmates were harmed xD

    I would also like to point out that I didnt bring the cops there in the first place. I was just cleaning up the place 🙂

    Joking aside, we should all avoid police attention in my opinion. We all park nice and beautifully and then a police chopper arrives out of nowhere looking for some dude. Some people pull their RPG’s and then all hell breaks loose. I suggest we all group up in CEOs at the beginning. The leader for each CEO activates bribery to avoid cops for at least 2-3 minutes and voila! Its a cop free environment at the beginning.

    Dont know about you guys but cops annoy the hell outta me. Just saying 🙂


    Yep, attracting cops is not something we want during freemode in crew events normally, unless that’s the explicit aim (like that time we all took over Fort Zancudo). Everyone will be so annoyed by cops that it will be pretty obvious anyway. 🙂 So I don’t think this needs to be part of the peace-keeper duty.


    I don’t think the peace keepers will survive this duty anyhow.

    Cuz let us be fair. The cops WILL show up. I don’t think we’ve had a single event without cops. We might as well make the San Andreas police force honorary members of our gang. It is crew tradition at this point.


    Prepare for long lecture again…

    First of all, I think that idea with peace keepers is not bad. What I’m worried about is, that if we let know other participants that there are some members, who keep an eye on any offensive behaviour, they might get more tense and can feel watched. On the other side, it can prevent from any unwanted actions and on that topic I agree with mattie. My opinion is, peace keepers should be anonymous (like 1 commissioner and 1 lieutenant, or 2 commissioners; I think amount of 2 is enough). I didn’t see any volunteers, so for just for science, I can be the 1st one to test up that role. I will need someone to help me though.

    Second, the cops. Mad’s idea with CEO is nice, pity that president of biker club is not able to call cops off (as for 8 members it would be just faster). I agree that police is really annoying, sometimes they can shoot innocent participant in process and this is frustrating. I have to disagree with Roof though – police is not ethical at all in LS 😛 Yes, it is easy to attract cops attention but before starting the event, we should ask (or order) everyone:

    • to lose wanted level before arriving at meeting point
    • not to use weapons (except meelee ones)
    • not to provoke pedestrians (especially on countryside)
    • to stay away from trouble, briefly saying

    And that should prevent cops from interrupting our peaceful meetings.


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