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    That’s one mad CPU cooler you have, madred!! Three fans just for your CPU, that’s impressive by a lot of standards. And I can’t help but asking: is that chewing gum around the cables for the top fan? 😉

    And yeah the EVGA is the new supply, indeed not the cheapest stuff (but also not the most expensive), comes with 7 year warranty so I see it as a healthy long term investment. I’m so glad that solved the problem – you never really know for sure with random power problems until you replace the right component.

    You’re probably right that a custom cooler would be better for the lifetime of the CPU. The CPU is a simple i5 4460 (not even a “K” model), doesn’t draw too much power, never tops 50C, and the stock cooler is still barely audible after a few years, so I’ll leave it be. As you guessed right, I don’t intend to overclock.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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