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    We don’t really have a clearly defined procedure for dealing with issues, such as crew members blatantly violating crew rules. Perhaps we need to say something about this on our web pages. Here’s my suggestion:

    1. Approach and confront the person directly if you can. It’s possible that you or the other party have misinterpreted something or that something has been badly communicated.
    2. If this does not resolve the problem in your opinion, then please report it to a commissioner/leader. If you have any evidence (e.g. in-game screenshot, or chat log), then please share that as well.
    3. That commissioner will then evaluate the report and the evidence and take appropriate action, normally by putting it up for discussion in the commissioner forum. In the rare case that for some reason the issue is sensitive to any other commissioner, then the discussion can be held over private discord group chat.

    Do you think we need this? If so, does this sound reasonable, and do you have any further suggestions or thoughts?


    All good points. We should make sure to put emphasis on Nr. 1. Empathy is the key component of being ethical, and approaching others with a helping hand when they mess up is perhaps truly the act that encapsulates more than anything else what we are all about.

    I certainly forward the motion that we should add words about this to our crew rules or some such page. 100%.


    Sound perfect for me. I have suggestions how to improve it… well, for now at least. I hope we won’t have to use that procedure too often.


    I think thats a good idea even it doesnt happen often.
    Just to make it clear for someone how to proceed if you have a situation.
    And big + to roofs comment.


    Yeah,indeed Doozle. 😀


    FYI I’ve updated and took the liberty to include roof’s wonderful phrasing about the importance of empathy in the crew.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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