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    I’ve finally found some spare time to update our hierarchy document and also our first things to do documents – could you all of you have a look to see if this reflects what we have discussed?

    The hierarchy document now clarifies the muscle and representative ranks as discussed. Also note that the inactivity time to move to muscle has been reduced to one month (down from three months); IIRC that was also indirectly part of the discussion, but I’m open to move this back to three months if folks think this is more reasonable.

    The first things to do document now says to read the crew rules as the first thing (wasn’t the case, should have been there). Whilst at it, I’ve added a sentence about the use of your real name in your email or in your username – I want to discourage that strongly, and promote good practice when going online.

    Those are the main changes, if you see anything missing or something that looks wrong, please let me know.


    Yeah this matches what we discussed. Good thinking on the email suggestion after the incident the other week.

    I think the one week rule is a good one. We don’t wanna make it a high barrier for entry, but we want representatives to feel like we notice that they are valuable members of the crew. So I think that using the muscle rank again is a really good step towards member satisfaction.

    Good work, boss!


    Make sure you update “How to join” page as well (unless you want to uphold the sentence about promoting directly to representative).


    Good catch – fixed now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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