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    Recently, I’ve heard some complains about boxing matches we play in playlists (like Roof’s or Kassz’s one) and I feel like we should make a conclusion about that.

    On positive side, they are really fun, honestly. All these duels remind me of tournament, in which we advance to higher difficulty level fights – and so goes excitation level. What I really like about them is the fact, they are made in “old style” – especially appreciated in times when R* serves us boring stuff like Turf Wars, Tiny Racers… Moreover, there is a kind of fair competition – fighting pairs are always random.

    On negative side… yes. Internet connection makes it a bit of lottery. And receiving 5 punches per second is surely frustrating. And I can understand people who say, that this game is unfair – because of bamboo network. Because of lags, I tried to perform a dodge and stil received like 2 punches, while I wasn’t able to react to my opponent.

    Personally, I don’t think we should give up boxing matches. Sure, there is a root of injustice but so is in races (random grid placement) and other team game modes, where skill levels are unbalanced. Returning to topic, I would like to ask a question: does it really depend on internet connection? I mean, I saw a video of melee fight and guy who won it admitted, that he had very fast internet network. So, who would win in duel between “bamboo” and optical fiber?

    Concluding, I think there are always some factors which we can’t affect in any way. As long as we treat this game for fun, not for case of life, everything should be fine.

    BTW – some unfair FIFA players in online matches when losing, they launch some applications that increase CPU and memory usage, which cause massive lags to opponent. As you probably guess, opponent’s players are getting “stroke” and controlling them properly is almost impossible. But, I don’t suspect anyone in our crew to do such an unethical thing 😉


    Thanks for bringing this up, mathilya.

    I don’t hold a very strong opinion about it. They are fun to watch, and very different from anything else in the game. I think it was a great idea of kassz in the day to create this sort of job. It adds a nice flavor of variety. But I can understand that not everybody likes the same things. If someone really doesn’t want to partake in some job, they can just spectate it if they like, or just do something else for a short while (we’ve had that happening). Of course it would be a problem if many people would want to do that ๐Ÿ™‚ but I don’t get a sense that this is the case for our boxing matches.


    Hello sorry for my absence in time but I am very busy has something else

    For that is the boxing match make a vote on the forum to find out if people like it or not you will be set for the future

    sorry for my absence


    Pas de problem ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sure, we will need more voices. But as long as I don’t see any complains here, we can assume that everything is fine.

    Google Translator version:

    Pas de problem;) Bien sรปr, nous aurons besoin de plus de voix. Mais tant que je ne vois pas de plaintes ici, nous pouvons supposer que tout va bien.


    My 2 cents : i love boxing matches.
    It is true that it does not matter to me to win or lose, because I play above all to have fun.
    Boxing matches are almost one of my funny favorites time of our playlist events.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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