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    Created entirely from scratch using Inkscape, uploaded through GTAemblem.com on my personal crew currently
    large jacket + large car emblem
    small jacket + facility emblem
    as seen on social club


    Duuuuude ,, nice work


    I love it!


    Well done villem but tbh like the old one better.


    I can’t agree with Doozle 😛


    That is pretty amazing work. Like hands down great. One thing is that I’d prefer it black and white. I find that easier to work with and a bit more classy. But that is also my subjective opinion.

    Nevertheless I definitely forward the suggestion that we vote on using this or keeping the old one.


    I am not really sure if it fits the crew perfectly, but I do think it looks really cool. Great job Vill3m!


    First of all, I’d move this topic to public forum, if you don’t mind. This isn’t really sensitive case, so if I were you, I’d publish it away from private forum.

    Well, I don’t feel like I am the one who should judge you and your art skills. From my level I can say this is absolutely marvellous. Biting the finger makes this lady even more seductive. I find it a bit more garish than the old one, but it’s definitely not aggressive. Her eyelashes are enormous and her wings makes her look like a real angel. And this is what matches our crew rank (not hierarchy) titles.

    As seen on pictures, there shouldn’t be a problem with colour scale – but I also wonder how would this emblem look like in monochrome. I also agree with Roof that we could have a voting if we should keep the old one or use this one. In the meantime, I’d recommend to publish this emblem on Social Club.

    Overall, amazing job.


    I wasn’t sure how large group of the crew to involve in this, so I published it under lieutenants. I chose purple hair color purely to fit with crew green color (and maybe I have a fetish for like colored hair ;P) but since people may want to have the emblem on top of other paint jobs I can change it into monochrome if there’s a large enough desire to move on with this emblem, it just needs some rework. I tried to create a kinky and playful looking angel that fits the past themes and represents the quirky events we have each week. @Mathilya Since this emblem wasn’t done in the social club emblem creator I can’t just publish it to Social club for everyone to see. I used gtaemblem.com for uploading on my own crew and it just changes the active emblem. It cost me only around 1.60€. And don’t worry if this emblem is not going to be used. MOst important for me is the joy of process creating something. I’d wait for grand old lady’s thoughts before moving on or going back. Sorry I’m a bit drunk, I was at grandma’s birthday and I haven’t drank so much since I don’t know when. bye.


    I can publish it in discord under snapmatic or healing zone since tit doesnt’ get much use lately if you think this thing should be for a wider audience to discuss.


    Wow, villem, that is pretty amazing! Great work!! It looks in spirit a lot more like one of the older iterations of the crew emblem (once upon a time, we had a lady with actual wings), but your execution of it is far more skillful (I didn’t use inkscape but just the regular emblem editor).

    I also agree that this is something we can discuss in the public forum. Shall I simply move this thread to our feedback forum?

    Some critical feedback:

    * eyes (except the lashes) are excellent
    * eyebrows flow very well
    * love the wild hair
    * pose is great
    * positioning is spot on
    * the pink in the mouth – I understand what you’re going for, however that looks a bit *too* kinky, and doesn’t match the crew ethos very well in my opinion: it gives it, for me at least, a too erotic touch; it’s easy to fix, just have the hand on the side, and a nice natural smile
    * hands appear too large
    * wrists appear too thin
    * might consider reducing the “duplicate” skin folds, especially in the armpit, inside elbow, maybe also neck
    * the original ETCL font is much better IMO – again this is something that is easy to fix, it’s meant to be https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/MothproofScript

    Aside, you can check in the forum history how long it took to get to the current crew emblem design (it was several months):




    The research and sketches process has been a lot longer than two days of working in Inkscape so naturally I’ve already processed these forum topics at least twice and even more in the deep web ;). I could move the discussion to Discord’s healing zone for example as I don’t believe many of us visit this forum or even own an account here. Discord seems a lot livelier place. If possible, move this topic to public section and put a link of it in Discord.
    I can rework some of the body proportions, it’s not too much of a hassle. I wasn’t sure how much nudity and kinkiness you, westerners, can handle nowadays, so I’d like more feedback on that area.
    I didn’t stop too long on font, I just thought something resembling ancient Roman and Greek fonts would fit better as all capital letters on the banner. Currently it’s just Times New Roman. So this also would need further discussion.
    And also the choice of colors if we were to move on with this topic.


    Nice job! I would also prefer it in black and white though and would agree about the body proportions (hands especially) needing a rework.

    About the kinkiness, I don’t think it really fits the ethical crew ethos. I would change the position of the pinkie – with deep regrets 😉
    Nonetheless, I appreciate the work you put into this.


    I’m deeply impressed, villem. I’m sure it took you plenty of time to put something together of this quality!

    I’d like the crew emblem to be a group effort, and to take our time for the discussion to go back and forth for sufficient iterations. IMO the forum is the better place for this, as it allows for a much more structured discussion. Most active people do have accounts here even though indeed many haven’t used it recently.

    Now, the crew emblem is meant to invoke an immediate positive and welcoming feeling. Some element of seduction is fine, as long as it enhances that positive and welcoming feel, and doesn’t swamp it. I agree that there is an element of subjectivity here. That said, I’d caution on the side of subtlety. Does that make sense?

    There’s a quite a bit of work on the psychology of fonts. I think I’m still happy with MothproofScript. It does give that ancient manuscript feel, and it really stands out in a unique and pleasant way. It’s also a slight pun on the usual cowboy fonts that one often sees on banners. Times New Roman is designed as a legible font for large blocks of text such as in newspapers (although most newspapers probably have moved on to better alternatives nowadays).


    If I’m correct you want to to go on with this project, right? I’m currently making changes to proportions and other things you suggested and also trying out a few fonts and other things. I’ll show you the progress and some variants soon.

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