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    So my tech dirt bike race during the construction event was obviously just bad. Sorry again, it is greatly upsetting that I contributed to everyone having a worse time. I will endevour to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    So I am trying to narrow down what works and does not work.

    So simple question: What kind of races do you like? Stunts? Street racing? Long? Short? Straights? Turns? What makes a race good, in your mind?


    Don’t blame yourself. It is very hard to make a race through construction site, due to obvious limitations of space. You did your best – the theme was about building and you actually made a race on construction site. Props for making it, for your effort.

    OK, the final jump was a bit tricky – maybe some additional platforms should be added? Or smaller ramp? It was easy to fall off the bike, because we had big vertical speed and comparatively small horizontal speed. And inside, consider placing more signposts with arrows – just to make sure we know where to go. Apart from that, everything was fine. Of course, the whole race required a bit more skill than usual, but we tested it already and agreed to place it in playlist.

    About your question – wait for Mad&Mattie’s big survey. I’m pretty sure we will receive enough data to answer your question.


    I liked this race it lacks just a little more signaling and can be a slower vehicle for the rest it was fun thanks


    Thanks guys.


    It was a great race, roof. It was a very original location with some pretty cool sections. Very refreshing to do a race in that location, haven’t seen much of those before! Thanks for all your efforts!! The added ramps on the highway were much appreciated. Despite this, as mathilya mentioned, the final jump was still somewhat problematic. I get a feeling that some people die a lot easier on their bike when taking high jumps, so even if it works for you it may not work for others. Not sure if it is due to strength stat, framerate, some weird game setting, or actual skill to land your bike in the right way.

    Fixing a race to perfection takes an enormous time commitment, everybody who has ever tried the creator will know that and understand this. I strongly encourage everyone to try it out!

    Also it was interesting to compare it with kassz’s race which was very different yet with some fascinating similarities.


    I didn’t hate the race and appreciate the time you put into it. I just think you should have created it as a stunt race, which allows you to use much more props, especially for jumps. Checkpoints could have been a bit more visible. But tbh, I don’t have any experience in map creation and it probably takes a long time to create a good race. I sometimes watch Broughy1322’s videos on track testing, those might be helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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