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    Needless to say it can get pretty lonely being mute on the internet, lack of voice chat keeping me out of most crews or other similar groups.

    I was reflecting on this earlier today and just felt that I should express that you’re all pretty great, ever since joining this crew I’ve had a better time online than I have had in years and years. So thanks everyone, keep on trucking. Here’s looking forward to many more interesting hours when I get back into a normal work schedule!


    Your comments fill me with deep warmth and true pride, roof! It brings an extremely happy tear to my eyes. Thanks for just saying this. I honestly feel that I cannot fully grasp the difficulties that come with the lack of voice, no matter how hard I try to imagine myself to be in such situation. The fact that you do feel so welcome in this crew, makes me all the more delighted. You’re more than just pretty great, you’re one of the best, setting an example for all of us, including myself. Cheers to you & this crew!


    Hey Roof !
    Your message really touched me.
    All the things you write in it are a proof that the word “Ethical” in our crew means something very real.
    And this is also why I feel good to be part of it.
    I would like to take this message to thank (again) Mattie for all the kindness he shared every moment, and the rest of the crew either.
    See you soon guys, I am enjoying my vacations in Italy.
    I’ll be back the 6th august.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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