Crew Hierarchy

We use the crew hierarchy to appoint certain levels of responsibility within the crew:

When you join the crew, you start out here. If you just joined, check out the first things we suggest you to do. Follow these instructions and you will move up quickly in the hierarchy! If you are not active for more than a month, we ask that you move back to the muscle class. However, you can take up your old rank again as soon as you become active again.
You can expect promotion to representative after about week of positive activity, demonstrating that you can follow the crew rules and thereby proving that you are an ethical player. Playing with other crew members, joining crew events, introducing yourself on the forum, joining us on discord, and so on, all count towards activity. No responsibility, just be ethical and enjoy playing the game with your crew! You can recruit if you want to go the extra mile. If you do so, please follow the suggested process for recruitment. In particular, please don’t just send out invites indiscriminately.
Are you a proven long-term member? Have you been around for a few months? Have you shown a lot of activity in the crew along with an exemplary ethical attitude? Then one of the Commissioners, or your eternally thankful Leader, may ask you whether you want to hold a bit more responsibility and help out with some of the menial tasks that come with crew maintenance. Such tasks include recruitment, keeping the crew clean of non-ethical players, and being involved with important crew decisions such as representative and lieutenant nominations. We appreciate a yes, but of course you can also say no. At this level, we expect that you set ETCL as your active crew. You can negotiate an exception, for instance if you have a strong commitment to another crew.
Those members committed to do anything whatsoever for your crew sit here in the hierarchy. They involve themselves with the more high level tasks, handle issues around recruitment, run and keep up the website, brainstorm for new ideas, run crew events, and do everything they can do to make Ethical Retinue a success. At this level, we expect that you set ETCL as your active crew.

You may always make a case to the Commissioners/Leader for someone else, or possibly even for yourself, to take on more (or fewer!) responsibilities. However, it is important that you can make a case for it. The final decisions about responsibilities lie with the leadership along with the person concerned.

As crew rank is linked to crew activity, if you are inactive for over a month, then the current policy is that you drop back to muscle level. Once you become active again, you can take up your old rank again.