How To Join

Are you Ethical? You want to join? Great! The process for joining goes as follows:

  1. Carefully read our crew rules. This is the most important step!
  2. Open your social club profile and send a message over Social Club or discord to any Ethical Retinue crew member (Representative level or higher) stating that you would like to join and that you will follow the crew rules.
  3. Wait for the crew invite and accept it.
  4. Explore some of the things you might want to do once you have joined.
  5. You also may wish to learn more about the crew hierarchy.
  6. Now go and enjoy the Ethical Retinue network!

Remember that Ethical Retinue is about community, and not so much about competition. So, if you already have strong competitive commitments in another crew, but you also like the Ethical Retinue spirit, then you are still most welcome to join the Ethical Retinue crew. You can be a valued member of Ethical Retinue without ever having Ethical Retinue as your active crew.