It’s certain that GTA is a game which does not abound in cuteness. However, this Wednesday, at 21:00 CEST we’ll try to prove differently. We’re going to find out that even in soulless and mean Los Santos there is still some place for pinkness and enchanting creatures like us! 😛 […]

Get ready for the cutest party ever!

Bob the builder drilling in Los Santos.
And we’re on for another crew party tomorrow, at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we will re-enact the antics of Bob the Builder! So, let us rediscover our inner constructor. To match the theme, please come as Bob, Wendy, Mr. Bentley, Spud, or any other character from or related […]

Bob the builder party: can we fix Los Santos?

Everyone loves football. Our crew is not an exception. Our Word Cup themed event was a smashing success! Meeting We assembled at the University of Los Santos Sports venue. Many luxury rides were glimpsing in the light of reflectors, and so were our national team outfits. Strangely, some participants mistook […]

World Cup party: football-styled ole!

Princess Robot Bubblegum tribute on Volatol. 2
Another great party was had last week, and this time we celebrated Princess Robot Bubblegum with her feisty friends! Thanks to all for joining: villem, exar, mike, mattie, roof, dr insane, doozle, jeffrey, rochen, geg, threepwood, reacher, mathilya, our two new recruits emon and ynostan, and special guest hansybansy! To […]

Princess robot bubblegum party: a glimpse from the hottest moments

The World Cup starts at Thursday, but we can’t wait for it. The tournament in ETCL is going to start today, at 21:00 CEST. Go visit any clothes shop for some nice outfits of your football national team. We are going to assembly at University of San Andreas sports venue. […]

The ETCL World Cup is starting today!

And we’re on for yet another crew event, this Tuesday at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, Rochen is organizing a rather special and original event: we’ll all play as raccoons! So, please dress up accordingly, and get a raccoon mask if you can afford it. This time, we will […]

Wild raccoons of the West: join the frenzy tomorrow!

We all love fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood is definitely one of the most fabulous ones. Therefore, I am very glad you all joined so numerously on this party! And so, Doozle, Mattie, Amorph, Dakshaa, Jeff, Rochen, Mike, Vill3m, Michaela, Reacher, Chevi, Threep, Venjam1n and myself gathered together to […]

Little Red Riding Hood – a fairy adventure

Princess Robot Bubblegum is coming to town! 2
In case you have not heard yet, Princess Robot Bubblegum is coming to Los Santos for a special celebrity visit. Consequently, I warmly invite everyone tomorrow, at 9pm CEST as usual, to shake hands and other body parts with our most beloved ethical superstar. Be sure to bring your bubblegum […]

Princess Robot Bubblegum celebrity visit tomorrow!

Little red riding hood. 1
I have a premonition bordering on certainty that everyone knows who little red riding hood is. In view of the theme, be ready to prepare your hottest red outfits. If you don’t have one, don’t hesitate to dress like the big bad wolf, grandmother, or the brave hunter. This time, […]

Little Red Riding Hood is coming this Monday

The farmers of Grapeseed have been drunk or high on meth all spring and left their fields neglected. Since summer is knocking on door already, Ethical Retinue sent a team of awesome people to help out those poor souls. Read on to find out what happened during our spring themed crew […]

Spring party: work’s done and we’re ready for summer!