GTA III was our first great 3D open world GTA game developed by Rockstar in 2001. Indeed, with nostalgia, people born in the 90s spent their childhood playing the game, passing difficult missions, discovering Easter eggs and secrets. If you played GTA III then I am certain that you have […]

Nostalgia: GTA III party this Thursday

muscle car 1
Arena Wars update may not have been the big DLC everyone was waiting for. Muscle car enthusiasts, however, can be quite happy with some of the new content released with the update. Perhaps the biggest change is that every car in muscle class can now do wheelies. In addition to […]

Get ripped: muscle car meet this Thursday

Feminist gathering at city hall. 2
We had another lovely crew event last Thursday. This time, we campaigned for equal rights in our beloved game, raising awareness to the many ways in which gender imbalance pervades throughout our culture, and bringing out our better inner feminists with a healthy range of protest actions. But first of […]

Power to the women: feminist protest activity report

No doubt, J. K. Rowling bewitched the entire world with her Harry Potter novel. Last Thursday, Sonic, Jeff, Witt, Doozle, Mattie, Mike, Reacher, Sal, Threep, Villem, Viridian, Grey and myself gathered in Los Santos to recreate events from aforementioned books. We assembled at location which reminds Privet Drive the most, […]

Harry Potter looks for some magic in San Andreas

With international women’s day coming up this Friday, let’s try do our part to help raising awareness, and challenge the bias and stereotypes that still pervade through a lot of our society. Therefore, we invite all feminists to assemble this Thursday around 9pm CET as usual, at Los Santos City […]

Balance for better: find your inner feminist this Thursday

Time for Valentine!
Yet another fantastic crew party has been had! Thanks everyone for joining: threep, doozle, tilly, jeff, villem, quiomi, reacher, sal, and mattie. To start, we assembled at the graffiti boat on the beach. There, villem brought a special, and very dedicated, girlfriend. Unfortunately, she had to leave us as she […]

If only Valentine could last forever: party report

Valentine bunny.
We’re on for another crew event this evening, starting at 9pm CET as usual. Are you ready to share and spread the love? Then this party is for you, as we celebrate Valentine once more! Be sure to bring your most loving attire and your Valentine companion, as we shall […]

Who will be your Valentine tonight?

…oink, oink, oink, oink, oink! Hahaa, get it? No? Okey 🙁 . Anyway, to keep the traditions alive, we had our third Chinese New Year party on Monday. Since world renown scientists have determined it’s now the year of yellow earth pig, the party theme was also chosen accordingly. So […]

Chinese New Year party: who let the pigs out?

pigs running
Pigs of the world, unite! Tomorrow, February 11 at 21.00 CET, join other ethicals for our traditional Chinese New Year party in GTA Online. This year we have yellow earth pig year, whatever that means. Anyway, I expect everyone to dress along those lines. Of course, the best outfits shall […]

Chinese New Year party tomorrow

Last Tuesday, 11 fellow riders: Doozle, Mattie, Villem, Myst, Roof, Sal, Witt, Quiomi, Reacher, Abdukov and myself gathered on the start line. For one of the quickest crew events we ever had. But first things first. We assembled at Rebel Radio headquarters, near Redwood Lights Track. After a quick summary […]

Race wars – speedy report