Here’s finally a report on our insane sanitation party. We celebrated world toilet day in style! We started with an assembly at the storm drain, to enjoy the amazing smell. Everyone brought their coolest sanitation outfits and vehicles, stashed with stinky tools. Special mentions go to threepwood for bringing his […]

Insane sanitation: Los Santos cleaners united!

We’re on for another crew gathering tonight (Sunday) at 9pm CET as usual. With Christmas and New Year coming closer, and not everyone being around for the holidays, a pre-Christmas celebration is in order. We’ll celebrate the nativity scene with our arch angel Lester. Most importantly: can we find his […]

Nativity celebration: Lester, where’s your donkey?

And we’re on for another party, this time on Monday (tomorrow) at 9pm CET. This time, we shall go back to the late 80s, and 90s, to relive the good old days of techno music. To get in the mood, we assemble at the casino penthouse for pre-party drinks, a […]

Techno party: music lovers gathering tomorrow!

Without a doubt, Super Mario series boosted popularity of evolving in 1980’s platform games. We can safely say that owadays Mario character is an icon of such games. 24 years after release of first ever Mario game, Ethical Retinue celebrated this amazing Nintendo creation. We assembled at the grassy plains […]

Super Mario party – mushrooms and moustache

Again, a bit late, but here is finally the report of our Halloween event from last month! We gathered at the pumpkin patch near El Gordo Lighthouse. And the cops joined us too! Once all uninvited guests had been scared away, we started with an outfit voting contest, this time won […]

Halloween scarefest report: spooky times!

It’s been a while, but here is finally the report from our kindness event! We all assembled at the hilltop North from the observatory, dressed in green, the colour of hope, for a relaxed meeting around kindness. After the mandatory hugs, and chit chat, everyone talked about their day. Following a […]

Embracing kindness: ethical paragons united!

Andy Moon also fights for climate emergency.
And we’re on for another event. With the recent declarations of climate emergency, the ethical retinue cannot fall behind. We will be taking some actions for climate change awareness tonight, at 9pm CET as usual. Let’s gather in our green vehicles (bicycles, electrical cars). After getting appropriately undressed to bear […]

Climate emergency action tonight: save the planet now!

Back in 1985, Super Mario Bros game was released. Along with its successors it created a series of the most popular platform games ever. Let’s see this game can be resembled in GTA Online! As an assembly point, we will meet at grassy plains (where most Mario adventures start!), north […]

Super Mario Circus coming to San Andreas on Tuesday

Insane sanitation at Trevor's.
Tonight, at 9pm CET, in celebration of world toilet day, we’ll explore the insane sanitation of Los Santos and its surroundings! Bring your plumbing gear, sanitation skills, and perhaps also a mouth mask, to help you withstand the pong. Here’s a rough plan for the evening: Assemble at the source […]

Insane sanitation party tonight: world toilet day is nigh!

Last Monday we celebrated arrival of peyote plants, which effectively turn humans into animals. And so, Doozle, Villem, Threep, Provi, Witt, Herokin and myself met in San Andreas to hunt for some of these delicious vegetables. First, we performed Indian-style rain dance to invite the fog to our session, so […]

Zoo in San Andreas party report