Back to school!
We are on for another party, this Thursday at 9pm CEST. This time, we shall celebrate going back to school! We will assemble at the main site of the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with our bicycles. Strict uniform requirements are in place as usual, so please dress accordingly. […]

Back to school this Thursday: are you ready?

There is no coincidence that GTA shortcut contains “Auto” – these means of transportation became a vital part of the series. In Online, amount of vehicles and customization options reached a completely new level. Maybe not all of us are actually automaniacs. But in the game, everyone has his/her favorite […]

Automaniacs reunion on Sunday

This Sunday, September 13, at the usual 9PM / 21:00 CEST we’ll kick off ETCL Fashion Week (for a night)! We’ll be gathering at Simmet Alley in Textile City, feel free to come in your finest stylist, designer or model outfit. The plan is for us to fill in the […]

Fashion Week this Sunday: Show off your styles!

A strong bond between friends exists, when they know each other so well that they can imitate each other. For the third time, ETCL Parodies party took place and again, it abounded in many ridiculous situations. We met at the parking lot near Los Santos Central Medical Center. We had […]

ETCL Parodies – report the third

The Doomsday Heist is a content update released on December 12, 2017. It introduced a three-act sequence of heists, involving preparations and setups before undertaking finale in each act. Also, eight new achievements have been added to GTA Online, including Criminal Mastermind challenge, known from original Heists update. It earned […]

Doomsday Criminal Mastermind Guide

Once a year, there is a time when one of the most wacky crew events returns – that is ETCL Parodies party. I am very glad to announce that this time has come and on Monday, at 21:00 CEST, we will meet again, with a twist. Again. Rules haven’t been […]

ETCL Parodies party is back on Monday

For Decades…. some Police Forces in some countries have used excessive force against some innocent people even if there was no evidence of the involvement of the victim. After the reckless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, US by racist police officers. Los Santos citizens and tourists have suffered alot […]

Stop police department protests brutality this Monday

Gathering Once more, we had a fun party, this time celebrating one-five-nil, or 150, members! For this occasion, we performed a wide variety of fun challenges, all in freemode. To start, we had some informal dancing, drinking, and a group picture, at the nightclub. Special outfit mentions go to jordan […]

One-five-nil celebration: report and pictures

The guide below documents an easy, fast, and profitable way of going about the casino heist. There are many more different ways to do the heists, and this guide merely aims to provide sensible suggestions. By all means, adapt it to match your preferences and play style. The big con […]

Casino Heist Guide: Walkthrough & Tips

One-five-nil members.
The crew counts a proud 150, one-five-nil, members! This calls for a celebration, taking place this Tuesday 18 August at 9pm CEST. On the menu will be a range of fun challenges, which will include: A nightclub MacBeth challenge to see who can best hold their liquor. The rules will […]

One-five-nil: celebrating 150 members this Tuesday