For good memories, here’s a picture gallery capturing the most stunning, weird, and pleasant moments (or any combination of these), from our last two informal ethical indulgence events: the snow play, and the mutt meet. Thanks again everyone for joining and for the good times!

Snow play and mutt meet: in the pictures

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank, half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses.” “Hit it.” The Blues Brothers are back on a mission from god, this time in Los Santos. They buy a Panto, an old decommissioned police car, and set off. […]

Cops n’ Robbers: Blues Brothers edition, this Thursday

The fourth CTC has come and gone, and it was an exciting competition indeed! Starting off with a bang as the teams raced to the first challenge of getting my car from Simeon for a five point bonus. Which team pink readily snagged. Kickstarting the competition team pink (Sal, Vill3m, […]

Car theft city 4: report

We’re on for tomorrow, and without further ado here are the vehicles you will all be hunting for! They’re listed by points, and any specifications will be posted under the category itself.     Coloured Vehicles (1 point each. 5 bonus points for completing the set) These can be combined […]

Car theft city 4: vehicle list

And we’re on once again for an hour long extravaganza of murder mayhem and vehicular liberation this Sunday! To those new or who may have forgotten, for this event we’ll all be gathering up in free roam to spend an hour stealing cars from a list. Each car and collection […]

Car theft city 4: pre-post and rules

Beaver bush gathering and outfit contest Last Tuesday, we gathered for some good old fashioned crew spring cleaning. To start, we assembled at the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, for a traditional outfit contest. Indeed, all were dressed wonderfully. So, thanks to everyone for putting in great effort to show your […]

Spring cleaning: a spotless report

It is hard to imagine how our life would look like without industry. Having that in our minds, we had another crew event. This time, focused on aforementioned industry of Los Santos, based on manufacturing fine products, like Deludamol and Pisswasser. We met in Cypress Flats, on a big parking […]

Industrial party – trucks, work and forklifts

Spring cleaning with the Easter bunny.
We’re on for another event tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, at 9pm CET as customary. With spring sprung, and the sun out and about, it is the perfect time for us to celebrate the end of the dark winter, and the rebirth of nature, with some good spring cleaning. We shall […]

Spring cleaning: get ready for a sparkling party!

Industry is known as secondary economic sector. It involves the transformation of raw materials into goods. In all GTA games industrial suburbs were included. And now, it is time for industrial-themed party. Our meeting location this time will be a big builiding in Cypress Flats with big CYPRESS neon lights […]

Industrial party on Thursday

This Tuesday, prepare for a trip 30 …wait no, 50 years back in time – to the 1970s. The ’70s were a tumultuous period in recent history. Women and minorities continued their fight for equal rights, hippy movement was at its height and anti-war sentiments led to the end of […]

Coming soon: That ’70s party