Hope you’re all ready and rearing to go! A lot of the standard vehicles are carry overs, but there is a lot of new stuff to feast your eyes on. This time around the list is biggest than ever and with the in-event challenges (That will be revealed as they […]

Car theft city v3: vehicle list and points

So here we go again, it is time for another vehicular liberation extravaganza! The rules are few and they are simple, but they are non negotiable and set in stone. I’ll be posting them here and be ready to answer any questions if you have any. Then the car list […]

Car theft city v3: rules

It’ll be a busy week for Ethical Retinue; the votes are counted and this Friday the 14th we’ll start our celebration to the sweet sweet crime of Grand Theft Auto.  We’ll be meeting on foot in the ghetto for the traditional two starting challenges before moving on to the delivery […]

Car theft city v3 this Friday

Since the crew was founded, we had many hilaroius events. But for the first time ever, Ethical Retinue members parodied each other. That resulted in many confusions, funny situations and general amusement. The meet We assembled in Mattie’s apartment at Rockford Hills. Many familiar faces arrived, but there was something […]

Parodies party – who is who?

Group parodies of crew member cepa.
It’s time for another crew event! This time, mathilya has kindly agreed to host a parodies party, tomorrow (Sunday) at 9pm CEST as usual. To meet up, we plan to assemble at mathilya’s Eclipse Towers apartment. Please make sure to dress appropriately as one of the crew members. Whatever you […]

Parodies party this Sunday

Party animals on the dance floor. 1
And we had another enjoyable crew event. First, thanks to all party animals for joining: doozle, roof, alex, mattie, villem, mrleak, reacher, donradkos, raddest, jeff, raijin, quiomi, dr insane, and rg. Also thanks to mathilya for following along on twitch. Once more, good times were had! To start off, we […]

Who were the wildest party animals of the night?

Party animals: chicken.
Once more, we’re on for a crew party, tonight at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we’ll act out as party animals. So, equip those masks and practice those dance moves, because we’re gonna get wet and wild! And please be sure bring sufficient animal transports and jungle jeeps. We […]

Party animals event tonight: join the jungle of GTA!

This time, KuroAkame makes his debut in orchestrating a crew event. After previous successful green meeting, we will keep riding the environmental wave. The continuation will take place tomorrow, at 21:00 CEST. We will assemble at skate park nearby casino in Chamberlain Hills, nearby BJ Smith Recreational Center. Bring your […]

Eco-party coming up tomorrow

Going green with the ethical retinue! 2
And we had another great and fun crew party, this time revolving around going green! First, thanks all for joining: threep, villem, geg, rakun, reacher, dr insane, lorsch, grey, jeff, mattie, mathilya, and myst. We started off with a traditional outfit voting contest. Special mention to grey for coming as […]

Who was the greenest hippie of them all?

Go green!
And we’re on for yet another crew event: this time we shall go green! Indeed, in these hot times with boiling summers and heated debates around climate change, the Ethical Retinue will try to do its part to save the planet. Thanks to mathilya for setting up the doodle, and […]

Let’s go green and save the planet this Monday!