It is a tradition that once a year not only we have Christmas, but also ETCL event focused on this festive. It wasn’t different this year. Although without snow, no less fun. We met at the top of Mount Chiliad. The spirit of our crew was clearly shown when Mattie […]

Festive celebration on Christmas 2022 party

Once a year, there is Christmas. Wonderful time. Enjoyable as well in the State of San Andreas. And I think that’s a good reason to have an event. This Monday, 21:00 CET. Our meeting location will depend on whether we have snow in the game: if yes, we’ll meet in […]

Feel the magic of Christmas on Monday!

How many colors are around there? Many. One way to find out how many was to join ETCL party, themed with colors. Simple as that 🙂 We met at Legion Square. Participants arrived dressed in solid colors, so we could split into Team Hot (warm hues) and Team Cool (cold […]

The most colorful party report

Before I start, I must tell you something. The idea for a party called “Colormania” was born back in 2016, during my first days in the crew. After 6 years, the time has come to execute it. To be specific, Sunday, 16th of October, 21:00 CEST. Our assembling point this […]

Colormania celebration on Sunday

From all the crew events I hosted, none of them lived to 5 iterations. The original ETCL Parodies was held for the first time back in 2018. I was glad to organize an event on which we impersonated each other for the fifth time. We met at the highest point […]

ETCL Parodie5 memories

Alright, let’s go. The fifth iteration of ETCL Parodies will take place on Saturday, 20th of August , 21:00 CEST. Nothing has changed since then – as always, the preparations are the most important part of this event. So: pick one of crew members you wish to impersonate, dress up […]

ETCL Parodie5 – the wackiest party returns!

We had another great event. This time, everything scheduled was just a big, 16-job playlist, containing various games most players enjoy. So we started a playlist night. We assembled behind MIrror Park petrol station and as soon as Bogu, Mattie, Ibex, Ogi, Saxtus, Sotmo, Yuliya, Witt, Villem, Myst and Marwa […]

Playlist night memories

Party Overtime scheduled for tomorrow, July 24, at 3PM / 15:00 CEST. Playlist will consist of a couple Overtime Rumble’s, an Overtime Shootout and a few more jobs with an Overtime twist to them. See you then!

Party Overtime tomorrow: Jump & Aim!

Here is all the info you should know before tonight’s event. If something is unclear then I can clarify it before we start. Background You’re a robber who has eagerly accepted a task from Moodymann to deliver some caramel ice cream to him for a free ticket to Cayo Perico. […]

Introduction and rules for Cops n’ Robbers: The Ice Cream ...

What tigers like the most? I know, this is a very general question. But let’s assume the answer is not 42, but GTAO playlists. On Saturday, 9th of July, 21:00 CEST, we’ll experience the power of this game feature. Let’s meet behind the petrol station in Mirror Park. As for […]

Here comes the Playlist Night!