Back to the future! 4
Last Monday, once more we timewarped into the future! Thanks to everyone for joining: caelin, kassz, mattie, reacher, mathilya, toyota, jeff, sotnoose, threep, vix, doozle, p90, kuro and strezz! As last time, we assembled at Humane Labs and Research with most our futuristic merchandise and costumes from the famous Back […]

Another report from future – we are back again

Grand prix! 2
We are on for probably the fastest ever crew event we will ever have: Grand Prix! This Sunday at 9pm CEST as usual, we will assemble at Los Santos airport. This time, bring your fastest cars and your racing outfits. Perhaps we can do a GTA race to make some […]

Grand Prix event this Sunday

Back to the future! 1
In order to keep the momentum going, we’re on for tomorrow for another crew event, or rather, a reiteration of an old event, namely, back to the future!! So, dress as Marty, Lorraine, Doc, Clara, Biff, Mr. Strickland, or perhaps a mysterious time traveler. Or maybe you feel like Andy? […]

Back to the future v2 this Monday

Back to black. 1
As always, better far too late than never at all! Thanks to everyone for joining the back to black and families versus Ballas events. Additionally, I’d like to thank everyone who created or suggested jobs for the playlist. Congratulations go to our winners, myst and nop, and to our swags, […]

Back to black & families vs Ballas: a quick report

Families vs. Ballas.
And we’re on for another crew event this Saturday at 9pm CEST as usual! This time, we’re going for a rather unique theme suggested by nopitch: families versus Ballas!! So, pick friendly family green, or go balls deep purple for your outfit. I’d say we assemble at Grove Street. However, […]

Families versus Ballas this Saturday: pick your side!

Back to black: hug. 2
To celebrate the return of Kuro, we’ll get together with the crew this Thursday at 9pm CEST as usual. In case you did not know, Kuro means “black” in Japanese, hence the title and the cover image. To fit the theme, please come in Kuro style. For the playlist, we’ll […]

Back to black: join Kuro this Thursday!

Goofy globetrotters on a plane. 4
Globetrotters united last Thursday for some great fun! Many thanks everyone for joining: nop, gloozy, meriandar, sep, roofstone, deanne, threep, mathilya, kassz, mattie, grey, reacher, and devil. Also thanks to kuro for joining us via the livestream over twitch. To start, we assembled at the airport with helicopters and airplanes. […]

Globetrotters: travel report & best vacation snaps

Goofy globetrotters having champagne 2
Globetrotters from all over the world, please join the party this Thursday at 9pm CEST for some good old Los Santos trotting! This time, we plan to explore especially those regions in Los Santos that we don’t often visit. For instance, we can visit the Palomino Highlands and Braddock Pass. […]

Goofy globetrotters uniting this Thursday

Mountaineering with friends. 2
And we had another crazy party! Again, we had a record turnout: mike, lorsch, raijin, deanne, mathilya, mattiejas, grey, jeff, gloozy, devil, kassz, toyota, reacher, and threepwood, with guest appearances from hamoody and shami. Thanks everyone for joining the mountaineering, and special thanks to reacher for inviting the guests! Our […]

Crazy mountaineering: best cliffhanger moments

We’re on for some jolly mountaineering this Tuesday, at 9pm CEST as usual. Thanks to lorsch for suggesting the theme, and to everyone for completing the doodle. Also thanks to mathilya and mike for helping with the cover picture for this announcement. Instead of the usual outfit contest, I suggest […]

Mountaineering: push yourself to the limit this Tuesday!