Retro group photo
Cookie hosted another one of his epic car meets last Friday, this time, featuring retro cars. Besides cookie and myself, we also had dint, goner, llewoj, longbow, norman, tim, and villem. Everyone completely outdid themselves with epic retro cars and outfits! We had a car voting contest, which was massively […]

Retro car meet in the pictures

It is true. Since 2020, we didn’t have many updates in GTA Online. Only 2 per year. But that was not an obstacle for us to celebrate past 4 years of new content in the game. And so, Villem, Solar, Patsj, Pete, Ninja, Mattie, Lorsch, Loc, Goner, Elvix, Doozle, Dingle, […]

History of GTA Online: continued!

Raunchy rendezvous on the footbridge
We gathered last Sunday for a raunchy rendezvous to celebrate the season of love. Thanks to all for joining: Ancient, Cookie, Dingle, Elvix, Goner, Llewoj, Pete, and Tim. Starting at a secluded parking lot near the Vespucci Canals, everyone showed off their raunchiest vehicles and sexiest clothes. Special mention goes […]

Raunchy rendezvous: hottest moments in the pictures

On 3rd February 2024 the crew met up at the Mirror Park shopping car park to embark on an adventure to discover some off-road trails in the north of Los Santos. The group of Mattiejas, Mathilya, Villem, Cookie, Saxtus, Uncle Tim, Llewoj, Loc, Longbow, Modern Ninja and Norman were lead […]

Off-road adventures: report and pictures

Raunchy statue.
All are warmly invited for a raunchy rendezvous to celebrate the season of love, this Sunday at 4pm CET. We shall gather at the Vespucci Canals parking lot: Please dress sexy, and bring along your raunchiest vehicles! On the menu are “find my Valentine”, a smooch contest, a snap challenge, […]

Raunchy rendezvous this Sunday

Exotic exports ready for delivery.
Saxtus and I hosted another fun round of exotic exports last Sunday, as they were double money this week. Thanks so much to all for joining: ancient, cookie, doozle, elvix, goner, llewoj, quang, and tim. The newcomers to exotic exports, ancient and doozle, very quickly learnt the ropes. Amazingly, we […]

Exotic exports round two: report and pictures

Two events: off-road adventures and exotic exports.
All are warmly invited to not one but two events this weekend! Off-road adventures Pete & Ganz will host some off-road adventures today. Pete writes: “Most four wheel drives never get to tackle anything more than the school run. This is why we’re going to meet up next weekend to […]

Two events this weekend: off-road adventures & exotic exports

Exotic exports team.
As the plea of Princess Robot Bubblegum resonated across Los Santos, her devoted fans (saxtus, mattiejas, elvix, dave, tim, longbow, ganz, and llewoj) emerged from every corner of the city. Eagerly they wanted to contribute to the quest for the mystical blue pills. So they embarked on their exotic exports […]

Exotic exports: Princess Robot Bubblegum fans save Master Hentai

Saxtus and mattiejas warmly invite you to their exotic exports event this Saturday at 2pm CET. If you are not yet familiar with co-operative exotic exports, be sure to check out Longbow’s guide. All we ask is that you bring any appropriate Princess Robot Bubblegum propaganda, be it clothing, car, […]

Exotic exports (Princess Robot Bubblegum edition) this Saturday

This guide explains how to find all 10 exotic exports cars in a co-operative manner. Longbow wrote this guide, with feedback from saxtus, and additional edits by mattiejas. Saxtus, who has been running many of these events and who is a true expert on the topic, taught us most of […]

Exotic exports guide