School Assembly Finally, here is my late homework submission, with a report on our back to school party! To begin, we assembled at school for a quick clothing inspection. Props to our alexander and guest jgamer for being the best dressed and on best behaviour. Also special mention to villem, […]

Back to school: who were the naughtiest students?

Almost four years ago, Army Training crew event took place. Since that time, many things have changed. Means of law enforcement, technology used by military and many more. It’s time to remember all these tough memories and find that brave soldier that living deep inside our hearts muscles. For this […]

Army life party on Tuesday – get ready soldiers!

Our population wouldn’t exist without some people, who take care of everyday cases, like dustmen, cleaners, firemen and many more. On our last crew event, we honored all these anonymous human beings, whose passion and dedication make our lives better. In order not to disrupt them, we met away from […]

City services party – heroes of everyday

I’d like to thank all the party animals who recently joined in celebration of my character reaching rank 1000 in GTA Online: Mattie, Tilly, Threep, Witt, Jordan, Marvey, Cyneric, Herokin, Aleksander and friends from HALP – Tudor, SMG and Arnaude. Extra kudos to those who arrived with platinum blonde pigtails […]

Impressions and pictures from 1k party

Los Santos, Are you ready to trick and threat? Everyone The crew event party date has been determined on Thursday (29th of October) 21:00 CEST. It’s close to day of Halloween. Our meeting location will be a motual chapel (graveyard) in Los Santos. Pick your most frightening outfits and vehicles […]

Halloween 2020 Party!!!

Los Santos wouldn’t be such a clean, cosy and peaceful place on Earth without many people who care about it: policemen, gravediggers, gardeners and more. Now it’s time to pay tribute to all these heroes, thanks to which city can be a home for many human beings.  Event will take […]

City services holiday this Sunday – celebration time!

It finally happened! After 5 years of playing GTA Online, my lady character hit the level 1000 mark. To celebrate this special achievement I’m throwing a party this Tuesday, October 13. The session will be up by 21.00 CEST. Put on you your fancy party outfit (or make up your […]

I reached level 1000 – it’s time to party!

A car is a wheeled motor vehicle. Simple as that. There are so many of them in GTA Online that everyone can find something for self. Without a doubt, Mattie, Marva, Dr.Insane, Threep, Witt, Doozle, Beavis, Villem, Jordan, Lorsch and Myst did, and they arrived at this car-themed crew event. We met […]

Car enthusiasts meeting – Automaniacs party report

Back to school!
We are on for another party, this Thursday at 9pm CEST. This time, we shall celebrate going back to school! We will assemble at the main site of the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with our bicycles. Strict uniform requirements are in place as usual, so please dress accordingly. […]

Back to school this Thursday: are you ready?

There is no coincidence that GTA shortcut contains “Auto” – these means of transportation became a vital part of the series. In Online, amount of vehicles and customization options reached a completely new level. Maybe not all of us are actually automaniacs. But in the game, everyone has his/her favorite […]

Automaniacs reunion on Sunday