True love. 4
First, thanks all for joining our power of love fest! Once more, we had a good turnout: doozle, insane, mattie, kassz, reacher, mike, hegg, threep, jeff, grey, lerni, chevi, and a guest appearance by bear. This time, we assembled at Mirror Park for a show of vehicles and outfits. Here, […]

Power of love: who’s wettest dreams came true?

Doomsday is coming. 2
And we’re on for yet another party this week: this Sunday will be doomsday, under the lead of orchestrator mathilya! This time, we will enjoy some activities around the latest Doomsday DLC. To start, we will meet at mathilya’s facility for usual outfit voting contest in the planning room. We […]

Doomsday Sunday: reckoning is coming!

Power of love! 2
And we’re on for the customary seasonal love party this Thursday at 9pm CET as usual! First of all, thanks to everyone for diligently completing the doodle. This time, we will assemble in couples (or triples for polygamists) at the lovely location of Mirror Park. Surely, the many discreet bushes […]

Power of love: bring along your Valentine this Thursday!

Chinese new year in the shower. 8
Once again, our Chinese new year party was a fun filled success! First of all, thanks to everyone for joining: threep, kassz, mattie, reacher, mathilya, hegg, insane, henf, vill3m, doozle, and special guests bear and iliquidator. This time, we assembled at my shiny colorful Eclipse Towers penthouse. While waiting on […]

Chinese new year: who tickled the dragon’s tail?

Chinese new year: Kung Fu masters. 2
And once more, we’re on for a Chinese new year party, this Friday (tomorrow) at 9pm CET as usual. As usual, please bring your festive clothes, and prepare for strong drinks. For luck and for scaring away the bad demons, dress in your reddest red! To start, we’ll kick off […]

Chinese new year party this Friday

Healthy living. 4
First of all a huge thanks to everyone that joined the healthy living event! Mike, Doozle, Mattie, Math, Vill3m, Reacher, Heggizen, and Sotnoose. However, I will not mince words and admit that I had massive trepidations for this event. Indeed, we had never done something like this before. But it […]

Healthy living: did we get fit?

Nopitch. 11
I’d like to express a huge thanks to nopitch for having served as commissioner for such a long time. Nopitch has supported Ethical Retinue in numerous ways, both in words and in actions. In the early days, when it became clear that we wanted to build something more serious, his […]

Thank you Nopitch

This Thursday, 9pm CET, I’m taking you all out to get healthy! We’ve got a snacking problem in the crew and it is time to start looking at healthy living! Got shot in the gut? Eat an apple, not a candy bar! Been in an epic fender bender? Don’t chug […]

Healthy living: fix your midsection

Pilot race. 3
Mikemichael’s pilot party was a swooping success! First, thanks to all for joining: insane, lerni, lorsch, chev, reacher, mikemichael, hegg, mathilya, dieter, mattie, roof, jeff, and threep. However, very special thanks go to mikemichael for orchestrating the event, and for setting up a brilliant playlist. So, mike will be orchestrator […]

Pilot party: who were the top flying aces?

Pilot's dream.
This Friday 9pm CET, we’re on for mikemichael’s pilot party! First of all, thanks to mikemichael for agreeing to be the event’s orchestrator this time around. To match the theme, we will assemble in our favorite aircraft at Los Santos International Airport. If we feel creative, we could even do […]

Pilot party: let’s wing it this Friday