Lester's unfathomable infatuation.
We’re on for another crew event this Sunday: as per crew tradition, we will be celebrating Valentine once more! Get ready to spread your unfathomable infatuation. We shall defy the laws of attraction with a range of fun activities. To kick off, we will assemble at the nightclub. Plans include: […]

Unfathomable infatuation: join the love fest this Sunday

To warm up for the upcoming Valentine, here is finally a report on our Princess Robot Bubblegum party! First, thanks to all for joining: stoic, bear_stark, threepwood, beavis, mathilya, jeff, hawx, villem, and of course myself. We started out at Rockford Plaza for a car meet. Props to bear_stark for […]

Princess Robot Bubblegum party: our wildest dreams

Many words have been said about how popular races in GTA Online are. This popularity led me to host Race Wars event for the third time. I was joined by Witt, Threep, Villem, Mattie, Cyneric, Beavis and Herokin. And together, on various racing tracks we battled for points for our teams. […]

Race Wars 3 – team racing at its finest!

The time for the third iteration of Race Wars has come. And that is 28th of January, 21:00 CET. You know the drill. And if you don’t please check out this and this link. We split into teams, choose our cars for 8-job racing playlist and compete for the highest […]

Race Wars are back on Thursday!

Whether you are a countrysider or a city citizen….You oughta heard those loud engines from kilometers away. The Harleys are known for their high pitched engines and long body kits. Whilst The Lost MC runs the Biker business in Los Santos & Blaine County and owns multiple Harley bikes, citizens […]

Harley Bikes Master-Race event….This Thursday

Sometimes simplicity is the best expression of fun. And so it was at our last crew event, where everyone had freedom in the way they expressed themselves at the party. We met in front of Maude’s trailer. Many fine guests arrived – Mattie, Witt, Aleksander, Threep, Beavis, Villem, Warlock, Doozle, […]

Just an Event party – ordinary report with pictures

Our crew events in most cases have a specific theme, around which freemode activities and jobs for the playlist are selected. This time however, there will be no topic. Instead, we will have Just an Event. This Thursday, 10th of December, 21:00 CET For the meeting location I’ve chosen the […]

Just an Event party – be yourself on Thursday!

It’s not hard to find adjectives associated with “military”. Tough, brave, athletic, courageous… and so on. Last Monday we honoured all these people who work in the army. By invading Fort Zancudo and posing with soldiers working out. But first things first. We gathered at the most appropriate place, that […]

Army life – stand up to salute!

Princess Robot Bubblegum in a relaxing pose.
This Sunday at 9pm CET, it’s time for us fans to gather once more and pay tribute to the biggest TV star of all: Princess Robot Bubblegum! With the naughtiest of intentions, we shall assemble away from prying eyes at a secret location to be specified. Let’s hope the Los […]

Princess robot bubblegum superstar party this Sunday

School Assembly Finally, here is my late homework submission, with a report on our back to school party! To begin, we assembled at school for a quick clothing inspection. Props to our alexander and guest jgamer for being the best dressed and on best behaviour. Also special mention to villem, […]

Back to school: who were the naughtiest students?