We now have a website!

As we all know, the social club crew pages are rather minimal and are lacking some rather essential features. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more easily in touch with crew announcements, crew events, and other crew members? Well, behold, we now have a proper crew homepage, with forum and all! This will allow us to grow, sustain, and coordinate even more enjoyable activities in GTA Online.

At the moment, the site is rather bare bones and many details still need to be filled in. A registration system for the forum isn’t quite up yet (sadly we cannot just link accounts with social club…), but if you want early access to posting your own stuff, do send me a PM on social club with your email address and I will register you.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the website? Do let me know either by posting below or simply via PM on social club.

Enjoy the new website!!

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