New logo 2

I’m so excited to announce that we have a new logo! A huge thanks to everybody who has provided artistic input in making the final design, in no particular order: 83427, kassz, nopitch, roofstone, beard, jeffrey, and honki. Below you find a gallery, as well as an animated gif, highlighting some of the versions the logo has been going through.

I will be making a coloured version as well in the next week(s), for comparison. Maybe we will like it better, or maybe not, but at the very least a coloured version might suit well for some other media.

Logo animated.

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2 thoughts on “New logo

  • Roofstone

    I love it. Like a whole load, this is so much better than that square picture. It is an actual logo. And the black and white is much easier to adapt onto my vehicles and outfits.

    Awesome work Matt, you’re truly an artist.