Drifting masterclass: report & pictures 3

We had another great event with lot’s of fun! Thanks to all who joined: jeffrey, honki, kassz, gloozy, venjam1n, roofstone, mathilya, mattiejas, whoismelike, 83427, and upeng! Also thanks to nopitch for watching and commenting on the live stream on twitch. After warming up on the training track, we completed two challenges. First, we tried to drift on a simple 180 degree angle around one of the corners of the track. Roofstone and kassz performed the most impressive drifts with closest distance to the corner. Well done, both!! We continued with trying to do the most drifting circles around a tree. Congratulations to venjam1n for managing an impressive 18.5 circles! Honorable mention to roof for 14 circles, and jeffrey for 13 circles. Actually nobody else got more than 2 circles. It also needs to be said that roofstone managed 28 circles on a second attempt. Venjam1n, jeffrey, and roofstone will henceforth be known as the official ethical driftmasters!

We then continued with some drifting races, two from madred (who sadly could not join us at the occasion), and to from kassz. Each were unique in their own right, and we had a lot of fun racing our Futo’s. Thanks to higher powers who disconnected jeffrey and venjam1n just at the end of the final race, yours truly managed to win the playlist with 38 points!! In honesty however, the winning credit must go to venjam1n, who already had 42 points in the 3rd round, with nobody else coming even close. Honorable mention to jeffrey who would likely have been 2nd or 3rd.

Some footage below. You can also watch the live stream archive on twitch. Enjoy!

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