Car theft city: pre-post 6

Alright you chumps! Here is a small writeup to go over the rules and plans for tomorrow. You’re all gathering on foot or bicycle, nothing motorized, in the ghetto for a small pre test. Make sure you dress properly thuggishly, you are a lowly car thief, nothing more.

You’ll all be told to go out and steal a car, and pimp it up. Gotta proveĀ that you know your cars. The fastest one will be getting an extra point, and the one with the best car will get another. (No you can’t vote for yourself on this one, sorry. šŸ˜‰ )

Once that is over and done with everyone will get gathering up in teams and we will prepare to start the main event, I will post the car list here for everyones perusal, and will be keeping score myself at the drop off point.



Now there are a few rules.

  1. No Explosives. This is punishable by one point deduction!
  2. You can use all ingame abilities, mercenaries, muggers, off the radar, airstrikes, go nuts!
  3. Do not bring the cops to the drop off location. If you do your delivery will be null and void, and you must get another vehicle.
  4. You can kill each other, steal vehicles off of each other, all that GTA madness. It is a versus event after all.
  5. And most imporantly, no violence against anyone in the drop off point. It is a safe zone.

Some challenges will pop up during the event for extra points and challenges. Word of warning; at least one of these will be heavily skewed againstĀ the leading team, keep this in mind as you deliver vehicles.

I will update you with your scores at a few key points in the game so you know who to sabotage or if you need to protect yourself, I will not tell you if you ask.

The main event will last an hour, maybe more depending on how the scores are.

Now go make sure you are prepared to win this high stakes competition! I will be demanding your very best!


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