Nerds event: report & pictures 5

Once more many thanks to all who joined our party: axel, kassz, flum, mattie, roof, gloozy, mathilya, andytoxynator, and jeffrey! We started out with our goofy nerdy outfits at the Lifeinvader sign for a nice group picture.

We continued with our nerdy playlist. First in the list was roofstone’s bicycle race, featuring a pleasing variety of obstacles, including ramps, containers, barrels, swimming pools, tables, and of course our good old enemy: traffic! Next we had the slowest race ever on our lawn mowers. Hipsters tried to spoil the party by blocking the lawn, to no avail of course – they were no match for our lawn mower wall. A game of power play ensued on the aircraft carrier, quickly turning into a case of bullies versus nerds. Well, at least we did our best!! Next we flew our caddies down the cliffs from the top of Mount Chilliad. Golf will never be the same. Next we enjoyed kassz’s boxing ring job, for a bit of hand-to-hand combat. Sadly we failed to beat the timer! We’ll need to repeat this one once more. Finally, we played roof’s fun obstacle race on the highway on our Cliffhanger bikes, with great head-to-head battles (literally – almost everyone managed to hit one other person head to head at least once!). The hero of the evening was undoubtedly (once more!) roofstone, who amazingly won almost every single job from the playlist. Well done once more, roofstone!! We must think of a special challenge just for you, for our next event. 😉

The live stream of the event is on twitch. Some highlights below. Enjoy!!

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5 thoughts on “Nerds event: report & pictures

  • Gloozy

    That was fun ! I enjoyed so much the activity on the boxing ring, it’s really a nice idea from Kassz to create it. Too bad there was not enough time. The descent of the canyon with the caddy was really fun too ! Standard few races have been nice (i’m too bad with the crazy races…) Many thanks to Mattie, Roof and Kassz for the prep, and big up to Mat’ for this nice report.

    • mattiejas Post author

      Thank you so much gloozy! That’s very kind of you. I really enjoyed it too, and I think most of us enjoyed it as well!! We must certainly do the boxing ring again, properly. 🙂

  • Axel

    I’m still pretty disappointed I couldn’t stay connected and lost every single job, but I was so lucky I didn’t die in the boxing, that melee lag can make you unable to even move

      • mattiejas Post author

        Thanks for chiming in here, I’m glad you found it nice to play the jobs on the playlist. But yes it’s very annoying if one keeps disconnecting. Presumably this is due to the distance between USA and EU, in which case I don’t think there’s much one can do about it…