Nappy change party: report and pictures 4

The nappy change was a wonderful success. Once more, thanks to all who joined: nop, myst, mattiejas, jeff, mathilya, kassz, gloozy, powerplant, madred, grey, p90, toyota, and mikemichael!


This time, we started at the playground in the park near Madrazo’s house. Under the watchful eye of crew mom nop and crew dad gloozy, we had fun on the slide. As some of us caught fire on the monkey bars, there were some screams and cries. Fortunately, nobody got intentionally hurt, and nappies were kept clean as far as I know. For the cutest baby looks, kassz won the outfit contest. Not even a vote was needed. Congratulations kassz!

Next, we had our usual playlist. This time, it consisted of baby friendly activities only. We had some races on bicycles, BMXs, minicars, and caddies. Somehow, I managed to win the playlist, ahead of nop in 2nd place, and myst in 3rd place. The real winner of the playlist was however mikemichael, with an utterly impressive unbeatable score of zero!! Well done mike for an amazing and consistent performance throughout the entire playlist. This is undoubtedly the most ethical score ever.

Livestream and pictures

As usual, the livestream is on twitch. Below, you can find some picture highlights of the event. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Nappy change party: report and pictures

  • mathilya

    Now we know who is the best racer in the crew – a dude with bag on his head 😀 Congratulations on your performance – 9 points advantage is an amazing gap man. Also, props to Mike for his courageous nature and making the playlist standings as they look like on the 3rd to last screenshot 😛

  • mattiejas Post author

    Ah damn I forgot to mention this about mike – I’ve added a few sentences about his most ethical score ever. Thanks for reminding me abou this!